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In this episode, CEO of Better World International, Pawel Alva Nazaruk, has a fascinating conversation with Dr Ross Herron, a leading pathologist and expert in transfusion medicine, regarding to donating blood. Ross has dedicated his career to raising awareness and trying to encourage people to donate blood, especially in his home region of Southern California.

Over the course of their chat, Dr Herron talks about some common misconceptions about blood donations and explains what really goes on, and how easy it is! He also talks about how critical it is for many people’s survival that we regularly donate.

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5 Key Points from the Episode about Donating Blood

1. Why is donating blood important?

2. Who needs it?

3. What is involved in donating blood and what to expect?

4. Common myths vs the actual truth

5. How you can become a donor?

Why you should watch this episode about Donating Blood:

This podcast is nothing less than eye opening. If you’ve ever wanted to help others but have been reluctant to actually give blood due to fear of what may happen, you need to listen to this! Dr Herron will manage your fears and explain why it’s so important to do this for others.

Pawel would like to join with Ross to inspire us all to donate blood, or donate blood more often. After all, when a disaster hits, “it’s the blood already on the shelf that saves lives”.

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