When the challenges seem too great, just start with the first step.

We understand that the worlds problems can seem daunting. But you solve them, like you eat a meal, in little pieces.


Here’s how we do that:

  • We’re creating a social good game called The Good Cards, that makes doing good FUN and achievable.
  • We’re creating other game-based, innovative social impact projects.
  • We’re creating our own source of media: an Online Magazine that will educate and inspire.
  • We’re creating a community of dreamers from all over the world.
  • We’re creating a 100 year plan, for us and for future generations, describing how our new world will look like once our Collective Goals are met.

Better World International, Dreamers Blog – Online Magazine

A resource for world changers to learn from experts, collaborate and take action.

The Good Game

A real-life game where people achieve good deed missions towards our Collective Goals, helping our planet. The game shows people their impact as the goodness travels across the world, multiplying and making them part of something bigger.


5 Pieces of Advice

Our project to gather collective wisdom by asking people all over the world about mistakes they made and what they would do differently.
To discover more, please visit www.5piecesofadvice.com