Solar Impulse: The End of Jet Fuel Pollution?

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With the recent success of Solar Impulse, it is vital that we take heed of this example. We should start using methods of sustainable air travel, and develop innovative ways in which humans can travel through the air without damaging the atmosphere. This article will show you how to travel in an environmentally-friendly way, and hopefully, inspire innovative projects like … Read More

Why Should We Take Care Of Nature?

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Nature is constantly changing, even before the dawn of humanity. From the breakup of Pangaea to the extinction of dinosaurs, from the Sahara Pump to the Ice Age, Earth has completely changed from what it was millions of years ago. Beyond these spontaneous events, initiated by Nature itself, Humans are continuously adapting the Planet to accommodate their needs through careless … Read More

The Future of Transportation Isn’t a Flying Car

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future transportation

Thinking about the future of transportation may automatically get you thinking about futuristic cars. You may see images of flying vehicles or pretend that you are in “Back to the Future”. Who could blame you after all that’s what most movies and TV shows have conditioned us to expect? However while we are waiting on flying or self-driving cars to … Read More

Say Bye to Electricity Bills: Solar Power Your Home and Business

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Solar power is on the rise – as you might have noticed. Today, an increasing number of people are installing solar panels on their property to take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy. In the United States, nearly 784,000 homes and businesses have gone solar as of June 2015, with new solar project installed every 2 … Read More

01: Akira Sakano, a Future without Waste

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Kamikatsu - zero waste city, changing the world

Our future largely relies on the waste reduction to which we can all contribute on a community and on a personal level.   In this exciting talk, Akira Sakano, Chair of the Board of the Directors of the Zero Waste Academy shares her wisdom how we can build zero waste cities. Akira guides us through Kamikatsu’s zero waste operation, and gives us … Read More

Pee-Cycling: A Smart Model of Sustainability

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We all have heard of recycling paper bags, cups, food waste. How about recycling human pee? Amsterdam celebrated the King’s Day on 27th April with people fuelling up with pints and towers of beer. The natural process was inevitable: the consumption of large quantities of beer lead to the production of large quantities of well… human pee. The local water board … Read More

‘Must watch’ speeches from sustainability leaders

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1459853904881{padding-bottom: 30px !important;}”] Exciting Times for Change It’s an exciting time, if you are interested in sustainability. With innovations in technology and a shift in popular opinion, it seems a momentum is building. We have handpicked 5 of our favorite talks from sustainability leaders that deal with the coming change. Enjoy![/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”″ title=”Al Gore- Reasons for Optimism on Climate Change” … Read More