Game Starts!!!

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Hello, This evening Crunch Fitness officially partnered  with #TheGoodCards program from our Founder Pawel to be used for some really awesome team building fun! More cool things are going to happen soon… Don’t miss a chance and Signup: Keep an eye on our page – we have some cool offers for early birds coming your way in the next few days … Read More

Spreading Love: The Good Cards

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Hi, Pawel Alva and Corey Harnish of #thegoodcards, transforming social well-being, revolutionizing how kindness, love, and compassion can spread throughout communities and the world at #TheStartupConference in SF A big thank you to ChilliPrinting for believing in our mission of #thegoodcards and for providing us high-quality poster printers. #HappinessInYourHands.  

26 DAYS TO GO: #TheGoodCards

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  Hello Everyone, This morning, I was scrolling down the stories in our app and found this wonderful self-love mission done by an anonymous person- “I took myself out for a nice solo lunch and enjoyed some alone time. I feel very refreshed and in my zone” “We all should first learn how to make ourselves happy”. If you want … Read More

Creating A Better World

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Hello everyone, She’s a dreamer, a thinker and a doer. She sees possibility everywhere” The co-founder of #TheGoodCards at #B1G1 in Singapore, sharing ideas about how we can create a beautiful world together. Signup now to have an early access deal:

Mosevic makes Fashionable Eyewear using Recycled Textiles

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Ray-Bans are so last season! When shopping for your next pair of shades, how about choosing from Mosevic’s “solid” sunglasses range? Handmade in the UK from recycled textiles, these sunglasses are uniquely stylish and environmentally friendly. Mosevic gathers denim from unsold jeans, used jeans and waste material from denim production. This denim is then converted into tailor-made sunglasses. Top features … Read More

Eat Our Way Out of Plastic Problem with Bakey’s Edible Spoons

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The plastic waste is filing our land and contaminating earth – In the U.S., 40 billions of plastic utensils are thrown away after single use each year. As most plastic utensils are non-biodegradable and non-recyclable, it means that the plastic forks, knives or spoons that are usually seen in takeout food or office parties can sit in the landfill fore … Read More

Top 10 Best Buildings in World Architecture Festival 2016

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Best Buildings-Butterfly-Pavilion

The World Architecture Festival has revealed the shortlist for the best buildings awards. As the world’s largest architectural awards program, the shortlist features 343 projects from 58 countries across 32 categories – from Messner Mountain Museum Corones in Italy to the BBVA Bancomer headquarters in Mexico City, the nominees includes completed and future projects from every corner of the world. … Read More

The End of Drought? Introducing the Self-filling Water Bottle by Fontus!

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Fotus self-filling water bottle

Droughts are a major global issue. In one of my previous articles,I discussed the extent to which we are at risk of a global water shortage. However, at Better World International, we are always looking for inspirational world-changing innovations, from around the world. Innovations that have the potential to increase the quality of human life; the new self-filling water bottle … Read More

Colombian “LEGOLAND” For the Homeless?

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Do you remember building houses out of Lego when you were a child and thinking how cool it would be to live in a home made of plastic? Well, thanks to 34-year-old entrepreneur Oscar Mendez, now you can! Oscar’s genius idea is to convert plastic waste into housing in a bid to tackle both environmental concerns AND the homeless. Who … Read More

Low-tech innovations changing the world

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low-tech innovation

Simple world changing ideas When it comes to world changing ideas, often the simplest are the best. With the allure of the flashy, high tech gadgetry that enables our daily lives it can be easy to forget the merit of simple solutions, applied to age-old human problems. Here we take a step back to celebrate the low-tech innovations that are … Read More