Spreading Love: The Good Cards

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Hi, Pawel Alva and Corey Harnish of #thegoodcards, transforming social well-being, revolutionizing how kindness, love, and compassion can spread throughout communities and the world at #TheStartupConference in SF A big thank you to ChilliPrinting for believing in our mission of #thegoodcards and for providing us high-quality poster printers. #HappinessInYourHands.  

4 Major Ways That Leonardo DiCaprio is Changing the World

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Superhero Leonardo DiCaprio is a dreamy movie star by day and loveable philanthropist by night. Could there be a more perfect human on the planet? The most recent news surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio is the historic and ground-breaking contribution of $15.6 million that he’s granted to an array of worthy humanitarian and environmental causes. It’s big money, but it’s just the … Read More

Stand with Malala Yousafzai: The Young Girl Fighting for Education

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Yes, I have spoken about Malala Yousafzai in my article on women who are changing the world. But, seeing as she is the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize winner, I feel that she deserves a whole article to herself! The man behind Malala Malala’s story begins with her father, Ziadduin Yousafzai, who was an educator in Pakistan. Ziadduin explained in his TED … Read More

Bye Bye Plastic Bags: The Movement that’s Making the World Plastic Free

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bye bye plstic bags TED Talk

Melati and Isabel Wijsen are two sisters who grew up on the beautiful green island of Bali. They’ve seen first hand the damage being caused to their island from excessive plastic waste, much of this being from plastic bags. I’ve touched upon why plastic is bad for the environment in my “Colombian “LEGOLAND” For the Homeless?” article which you can … Read More

06: Bye Bye Plastic Bags: How Melati & Isabel Wijsen are Turning their Home into a Plastic Bag Free Zone

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bye bye plastic bags

In this episode, Pawel Nazaruk and the Wijsen sisters discuss Bye Bye Plastic Bags and how they were able to start the movement. Melati and Isabel Wijsen are the “Bali babies” who were so fed up of plastic bags damaging their beautiful island, that they’ve made it their goal to banish them from the land. After 1.5 years of petitioning … Read More

4 Pieces of Guidance to the Path of Forgiveness

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Better World International’s founder, Pawel Alva Nazaruk, interviewed Marina Cantacuzino about The Forgiveness Project and how the notion of forgiveness and reconciliation is vital for the health of the individual and the functioning of society. Listen to this inspiring interview here! Who is Marina Cantacuzino? Marina Cantacuzino was influenced by the Iraq war to start The Forgiveness Project in 2004 … Read More

05: How Forgiveness Can Change The World with Marina Cantacuzino

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Pawel Alva Nazaruk’s interview with Marina Cantacuzino discussed how the notion of forgiveness is crucial for the health of society, and how her movement – The Forgiveness Project – is helping to make this possible. Beginning by outlining just what is meant by the complex concept of forgiveness, the podcast then provides an explanation on how you can forgive and … Read More

Plastic Waste, Disney and Jim Holm

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plastic waste

I have a unique connection with the ocean. No, I’m not an amazing swimmer but some of my favorite animals tend to be underwater creatures. I’m also not ashamed to say that Free Willy is one of the greatest movie franchises ever. Like most sequels, they should’ve stopped after the 2nd, although the 3rd was bearable. I recently found out … Read More