Food Waste Fiasco: Rob Greenfield

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Food Waste Fiasco, changing the world

Food Waste Fiasco is a catchy buzzword, especially in the United States. People might wonder why wasting food is such a big issue. Stats shows that in America people generate an estimated 70 billion pounds of food waste each year. According to Rob Greenfield, “we waste enough food to feed an entire American population, around 320 million people.” Rob is … Read More

Responsible restaurants against food waste

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food waste reduction

Throwing out uneaten food may start people rambling that in other parts of the world, people are starving. While it’s an issue that needs solving, rethinking food waste can benefit you and your immediate environment. Food Waste – The Stats Can you guess, how much food we waste each year? In Europe and North-America people throw away 95-115 kg of … Read More