24 Days To Go !!!!- The Good Cards

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Hey, First 100 Early birds will have access to our special offers and cool deals! Sign up: http://www.the goodcards.com And you might win a FREE DECK* ( 3 Good Cards + Special mission wristband!) Keep an eye on our page – we have some cool offers for early birds coming your way in the next few days *Offer valid till 15 … Read More

Game Starts!!!

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Hello, This evening Crunch Fitness officially partnered  with #TheGoodCards program from our Founder Pawel to be used for some really awesome team building fun! More cool things are going to happen soon… Don’t miss a chance and Signup:http://www.thegoodcards.com Keep an eye on our page – we have some cool offers for early birds coming your way in the next few days … Read More

Spreading Love: The Good Cards

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Hi, Pawel Alva and Corey Harnish of #thegoodcards, transforming social well-being, revolutionizing how kindness, love, and compassion can spread throughout communities and the world at #TheStartupConference in SF A big thank you to ChilliPrinting for believing in our mission of #thegoodcards and for providing us high-quality poster printers. #HappinessInYourHands.  

26 DAYS TO GO: #TheGoodCards

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  Hello Everyone, This morning, I was scrolling down the stories in our app and found this wonderful self-love mission done by an anonymous person- “I took myself out for a nice solo lunch and enjoyed some alone time. I feel very refreshed and in my zone” “We all should first learn how to make ourselves happy”. If you want … Read More

Creating A Better World

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Hello everyone, She’s a dreamer, a thinker and a doer. She sees possibility everywhere” The co-founder of #TheGoodCards at #B1G1 in Singapore, sharing ideas about how we can create a beautiful world together. Signup now to have an early access deal: http://www.thegoodcards.com

How To Be a Hero Yourself

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What is your childhood dream? Well, let me tell you mine first. I am kind of a humanitarian since I was a little girl, thanks to my mother, a dedicated community worker. I was always dreaming about doing something big for the whole of mankind. I dreamt of finding the solution to AIDS, or creating a sustainable city that is … Read More

Smart glasses that help the blind “see”- Interview with Cornel Amariei

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help the blind seee

Cornel Amariei, a young and talented Romanian engineer landed a spot in Forbes 30 under 30 Europe in 2016. He is well-know for inventing Lumen, a device that uses a 3-D scanner and vibrating sensors to help the blind get around on their own. In an exclusive interview with Cornel, Pawel Nazaruk, founder of Better World International asked the 22-year-old … Read More

The Future of Transportation Isn’t a Flying Car

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future transportation

Thinking about the future of transportation may automatically get you thinking about futuristic cars. You may see images of flying vehicles or pretend that you are in “Back to the Future”. Who could blame you after all that’s what most movies and TV shows have conditioned us to expect? However while we are waiting on flying or self-driving cars to … Read More

Say Bye to Electricity Bills: Solar Power Your Home and Business

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Solar power is on the rise – as you might have noticed. Today, an increasing number of people are installing solar panels on their property to take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy. In the United States, nearly 784,000 homes and businesses have gone solar as of June 2015, with new solar project installed every 2 … Read More

Food Waste Fiasco: Rob Greenfield

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Food Waste Fiasco, changing the world

Food Waste Fiasco is a catchy buzzword, especially in the United States. People might wonder why wasting food is such a big issue. Stats shows that in America people generate an estimated 70 billion pounds of food waste each year. According to Rob Greenfield, “we waste enough food to feed an entire American population, around 320 million people.” Rob is … Read More

How to Support Your Community in 7 Ways

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Do you care about your community? Being an active member of the community will give you tremendous psychological benefits. Involvement will help you feel a part of something bigger – feeling a part of a real team, and by leaving your mark to help make a better world you will feel like a superhero. We are social beings and all we want is … Read More

How To Create a Stellar Community Garden in 6 Steps

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Community Garden

In a quest to find more affordable, fresh and local food, many communities – particularly those in the urban, space-starved metropolitan areas – are moving towards the urban farming model of food production and distribution. Community gardening and localized food production are not new concepts. These types of projects first made an appearance in American culture during World War I … Read More

01: Akira Sakano, a Future without Waste

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Kamikatsu - zero waste city, changing the world

Our future largely relies on the waste reduction to which we can all contribute on a community and on a personal level.   In this exciting talk, Akira Sakano, Chair of the Board of the Directors of the Zero Waste Academy shares her wisdom how we can build zero waste cities. Akira guides us through Kamikatsu’s zero waste operation, and gives us … Read More

Housing For Homeless – Interview With Lloyd Pendleton

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Help the Homeless Housing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] “If you really want to make a change in some system, you need some champions.” You won’t find a sword strapped to Lloyd Pendleton’s side, or a shield hanging on his back. In the interview he gave us, Lloyd wasn’t referring to the monster-slaying warriors of myth, but instead people much more important: the champions of charitable progress. Lloyd, … Read More

Innovative Brands Using Trash From The Ocean

Corey HarnishReviews

As garbage dumps overflow and oceans fill up with waste, some innovators are starting to make a constructive connection between modern consumption and the destruction of our world’s oceans. Plastic’s sturdiness, low cost, and pliability mean that it’s being used more and more in consumer and industrial products. In addition plastic is not biodegradable and instead just breaks down into … Read More

Life in a Zero Waste City – Interview with Akira Sakano

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Kamikatsu zero waste

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Kamikatsu, a Japanese village has broke the internet with its noble intentions to create the first zero waste city in the world by 2020. Actually, the town is very successful; as of the beginning of 2015, it has achieved a recycling rate of almost 80%. We managed to engage Akira Sakano, the Chair of the Board of Directors of the … Read More

Four Amazing Speeches on Helping Others

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find your inner hero

As we’ve already discussed, altruism is a part of our genetics, it’s an “embedded code” that is not easy to suppress.  Yet, many people believe that it’s hard to do something good and instead search for excuses why not to act on helping others. You don’t have to stop asteroids with one hand or push a nuclear bomb through a … Read More

Pee-Cycling: A Smart Model of Sustainability

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We all have heard of recycling paper bags, cups, food waste. How about recycling human pee? Amsterdam celebrated the King’s Day on 27th April with people fuelling up with pints and towers of beer. The natural process was inevitable: the consumption of large quantities of beer lead to the production of large quantities of well… human pee. The local water board … Read More

Celebrate “Earth Day” With The 18 Most Breathtaking Photos

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international mother earth day

Do you enjoy going on a big walk in the fresh air? How about a refreshing swim in a lake or the ocean? Have you ever wondered how beautiful and superior our Mother Nature is with all her creatures and lands? On April 22, we celebrate the International Mother Earth Day! In honor of this special day, we selected the … Read More