“Human”: This Movie will Change the Way you Think about Humanity

August 8, 2016

Human is a documentary containing a curation of stories and images from around the world aiming to uncover what it means to be human. It was released last year and is still a major talking point.

It is directed by French environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Arthus-Bertrand is also known for writing Earth from Above and has profound experience in making the world a better place.

Why should I watch it?

Human changed my perspective of the world. There’s something about seeing many different cultures sharing the same emotions and that is powerful.

The way in which Human explores the meaning behind humanity is striking. It comprises emotional anecdotes of people sharing their most intimate moments with the beautiful scenery of our precious planet. It inspires people to unite regardless of culture and take action to save our world.

With all the negative news at the moment, it is easy to feel like humanity is disconnected. There seems to be so much conflict to the point unification seems impossible. However, Human changes that. It shows that we all should be united by the fact we are human and should not let culture, religion, ethnicity or gender be used as separating mechanisms.

People need to watch Human as it provides the blueprints for organising a better world. The anecdotes told by the people in Human are relatable to you and I. They are unedited and real. It will hit you like a train, emotionally.

We are all human. Sometimes we just need reminding that we all share the common value of humanity. Human will give you this reminder. It will show you exactly what it means to be human and after going down the emotional roller coaster of watching it you will feel like more of a human than ever before.

The movie comprises three volumes which you can watch here:

Extended version VOL.1

Extended version VOL.2

Extended version VOL.3

Watch it today and let us know what you think about the film in the comments below!


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