Product Review: GoSun Grill, the ECO-Friendly BBQ

July 20, 2016

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for the Bar-B-Ques and cookouts to commence. It’s a time to enjoy the weather, friends, and family. Many people will say the best part of this season is the food. Unfortunately, despite our wishes, food doesn’t cook itself. Most people who BBQ, will pull out the grills, fire them up, and cook until their hearts are content. However, as we cook, we aren’t thinking about the effects that this has on our environment. All that smoke can’t be that bad, can it? Does grilling really have that big of an impact on climate change?

How can BBQing promote climate change?

According to Mother Jones, grilling can contribute pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. This article also shares information from the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association stating that 75% of American households owns some form of a grill or smoker. Most of the grills are gas grills followed by charcoal and then electric. With so many people having grills, and if all or most use them during the big grilling holidays, like the 4th of July, Labor Day, or Memorial Day we could be generating a lot of emissions. How much? Enough to run a coal-fired power plant for a month, Mother Jones also states.

The reality is that it’s very hard to convince people to change their habits, especially if they don’t directly see the impact. It’s even harder to get people to change what is American cultural norm. While people will continue to grill, one thing that we can aim to do is to change the tools we use. Once we are able to change the tools, and not sacrifice the quality we are accustomed to, we can start working towards changes that will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Thus, reducing our influence on climate change.

Eco-friendly BBQ?

This issue is slowly being addressed as better energy resources are being used. One of these energy sources is solar power. Leading the way in providing responsible fuel-free cooking by using solar power is GoSun. GoSun is on a mission to help make positive contributions to the world. One of their goals is to fight global warming by hoping that their solar-powered stove can help cut back the use of fossil fuels. They have also embraced the Buy One Give One model, but with a unique spin. Usually, in this model when you buy a product like Tom’s shoes, someone in need gets the product as well. However, GoSun is providing something for us all. For every product that is sold, they will plant 20 trees. GoSun has found that trees can reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions.

The founder of GoSun, Patrick Sherwin, has been committed to finding fossil fuel free solutions since high school. The process began one day during his lunch when he used vacuum tubes to heat his lunch. This small step led him down a path to creating a line of solar powered products. The various products use the sun to absorb its heat in the vacuum tubes to cook your meals, even in cloudy weather. Don’t worry about limitations as their products can cook raw meat, frozen food, and even bake a muffin. The Daily Mail did a great write up on GoSun, going further in depth as to who they are and what their products can do. Another benefit of the stove is the portability, it can go places traditional grills can’t go. You will also be saving a ton of money, as you don’t have to buy charcoal, wood or lighter fluid.

While BBQing and eating are a ton of fun, we must remain conscious of the environmental effects it’s causing us. Climate change is a real issue, and we are beginning to see the consequences year after year. Using alternative methods, such as solar power, will prove very valuable, and help start changing the world for the better. We can start this change by supporting companies like GoSun, and make alternative energy sources a part of our everyday lives.

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