“The Future of Energy”: A Documentary Review

September 3, 2016

I recently watched a documentary titled The Future of Energy: Lateral Power to the People. Quite a mouthful. However, the precept behind it is easier to digest: we can control our energy. Yes. You heard me correctly. No more conglomerates. No more bigwig corporations shoving bills through your letterbox each month. Who will take charge of your energy? You!

This documentary resonated with me and made me feel like my life had been a lie. Before, I assumed that it would be more efficient for corporations to supply us with energy, but I was wrong – very wrong.

It turns out that the most efficient way for us to use energy sources is to take control of them ourselves.

Why should I watch The Future of Energy?

The science in the documentary The Future of Energy does a brilliant job of explaining how this is possible. Films for Action describes it as “a positive film about the renewable energy revolution, and a love story about the countless individuals and communities that are re-imagining their relationships with the planet and each other.”

This renewable energy revolution is something we can all get behind for the good of the planet.

Watch the documentary trailer here:


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