What goes into a common food you most likely eat? Food, Inc. Surprised us too!

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What is Food, Inc?
Filmmaker Robert Kenner created the eye-opening documentary Food, Inc to unmask the corruption of our food industry.

In America especially, the United States Department of Agriculture and the United States Food and Drug Administration serve as puppets for a handful of multinational corporations.
New strains of harmful bacteria E.coli are causing 73,000 Americans to fall ill annually. Epidemic levels of childhood obesity and adult diabetes show something needs to be done.

Kenner also interviews food experts that have produced a number of works including Fast Food Nation, The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto to provide a comprehensive picture of the scale of the issue.

You can read more about Food, Inc on their website.

Why should I watch it?
As a student of sociology, I am well-versed with George Ritzer’s concept of McDonaldisation. For those averse to the social sciences, McDonaldisation is the process by which all corporations are prioritising efficiency to generate profit instead of improving the wellbeing of employees and customers.


Source: NJ.com

 It was not until I saw Food, Inc I had a light bulb moment which made me see this theory in action . Corporations are cutting corners to produce the cheapest foods possible to make the most profit – with no regard for our welfare.

We need to stop this.

We need to support local farmers and make sure we only eat organic food.

Additionally, buying local also reduces carbon emissions from transportation. My article on Solar Impulse discussed the damage jet fuel causes to our atmosphere.

At Better World International, we are currently running a Good Cards scheme. These are available in local coffee shops and the premise is simple: pick up a card, do a good deed and then pass it on!

What action are you taking to support local farmers and organic food? Comment below!

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