Documentary review Ocras – The hidden story behind SeaWorld

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Direct by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Blackfish is an eye-opening, heart-wrenching documentary that explores the controversy and cruelty of holding marine mammals in captivity only for human entertainment. The story starts with the death of the SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau, who was attacked and killed by an ocra named Tilikum in the summer of 2010. Ocras, commonly known as killer whales, are … Read More

10 Gift Ideas for the Holidays that are both Chic and Eco-friendly

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Nowadays, people around the world are talking about ‘going green’ constantly, and most are willing to and striving to be more environmentally conscious through an eco-friendly lifestyle choice. However, when it comes to your green-minded family members, friends, and co-workers what should be the best gift for them on their birthday, at Christmas and other holidays? Eco-friendly gift ideas may … Read More

Mosevic makes Fashionable Eyewear using Recycled Textiles

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Ray-Bans are so last season! When shopping for your next pair of shades, how about choosing from Mosevic’s “solid” sunglasses range? Handmade in the UK from recycled textiles, these sunglasses are uniquely stylish and environmentally friendly. Mosevic gathers denim from unsold jeans, used jeans and waste material from denim production. This denim is then converted into tailor-made sunglasses. Top features … Read More

Eat Our Way Out of Plastic Problem with Bakey’s Edible Spoons

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The plastic waste is filing our land and contaminating earth – In the U.S., 40 billions of plastic utensils are thrown away after single use each year. As most plastic utensils are non-biodegradable and non-recyclable, it means that the plastic forks, knives or spoons that are usually seen in takeout food or office parties can sit in the landfill fore … Read More

What goes into a common food you most likely eat? Food, Inc. Surprised us too!

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What is Food, Inc? Filmmaker Robert Kenner created the eye-opening documentary Food, Inc to unmask the corruption of our food industry. In America especially, the United States Department of Agriculture and the United States Food and Drug Administration serve as puppets for a handful of multinational corporations. New strains of harmful bacteria E.coli are causing 73,000 Americans to fall ill … Read More

“Trashed”: Do you Know where your Garbage Ends up?

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Directed by Candida Brady and starring Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons, Trashed depicts a vivid picture of the truth of our current consumption-centered, throwaway culture. Through interviews with scientists, researchers, politicians and local communities, the documentary reveals the appalling consequences  the way in which we dispose of garbage has on nature and human society – including groundwater and land pollution, … Read More

Can Tommy Hilfiger Make Solar Power Jackets a Thing?

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solar panel jackets

As a huge fan of hip-hop, there are a few essential things that are held near and dear to the culture. One is the music (Emcee, DJing) and another is style (graffiti, break dancing and now fashion). Today I’m going to focus on the fashion, particularly from one of the great designers, someone who revolutionized fashion in the 90s, and … Read More

“The Future of Energy”: A Documentary Review

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the future of energy

I recently watched a documentary titled The Future of Energy: Lateral Power to the People. Quite a mouthful. However, the precept behind it is easier to digest: we can control our energy. Yes. You heard me correctly. No more conglomerates. No more bigwig corporations shoving bills through your letterbox each month. Who will take charge of your energy? You! This … Read More

Top Solar Phone Chargers to Keep your Phone Powered Up Everywhere

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solar phone charger

If you’re like me, you must be sick and tired of your phone battery running low when you’re on the move and don’t have instant access to a plug socket. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just charge your phone anywhere without being restricted by the need for a socket? Wouldn’t it be better still if this portable charger … Read More

“Human”: This Movie will Change the Way you Think about Humanity

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Human is a documentary containing a curation of stories and images from around the world aiming to uncover what it means to be human. It was released last year and is still a major talking point. It is directed by French environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Arthus-Bertrand is also known for writing Earth from Above and has profound experience in making the … Read More

The End of Drought? Introducing the Self-filling Water Bottle by Fontus!

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Fotus self-filling water bottle

Droughts are a major global issue. In one of my previous articles,I discussed the extent to which we are at risk of a global water shortage. However, at Better World International, we are always looking for inspirational world-changing innovations, from around the world. Innovations that have the potential to increase the quality of human life; the new self-filling water bottle … Read More

Savana Solar Panel Charging Table by Nature Power

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Let’s imagine for a minute that you’re relaxing in a lovely garden. You have a chilled drink in hand, the sun is glorious and your favorite tunes are on repeat. Perfect. Now, imagine that you’re deep into the second chorus of Hotel California when your phone battery dies unceremoniously, cutting off Glenn Frey’s cool, mellow tones. You have to get … Read More

“Fed Up”: This Film Will Change the Way You Eat… For Good!

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Image via "Fed Up" Facebook Page

Fed Up is a documentary that works to unveil the growing issues of obesity, particularly in children. Rich with interviews, insights, and tons of new information this film is definitely worth your time. This is a very good documentary that forces us to take a sobering look at obesity and its causes. Although the focus is on childhood obesity, the … Read More

GoSun Grill, the ECO-Friendly BBQ

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Summer is here, and that means it’s time for the Bar-B-Ques and cookouts to commence. It’s a time to enjoy the weather, friends, and family. Many people will say the best part of this season is the food. Unfortunately, despite our wishes, food doesn’t cook itself. Most people who BBQ, will pull out the grills, fire them up, and cook … Read More

Innovative Brands Using Trash From The Ocean

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As garbage dumps overflow and oceans fill up with waste, some innovators are starting to make a constructive connection between modern consumption and the destruction of our world’s oceans. Plastic’s sturdiness, low cost, and pliability mean that it’s being used more and more in consumer and industrial products. In addition plastic is not biodegradable and instead just breaks down into … Read More