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In this episode, you will gain insight into bone marrow donation and how you have the power to save thousands of lives. Pawel Alva Nazaruk, the CEO at Better World International, reached out to Rebecca Garber who is the National Accounts Representative at Be The Match, the global leading organization of bone marrow transplantation.

bone marrow donation, volunteering

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This podcast gets right to the heart of the misplaced fears that surround the mysterious act of bone marrow donation. In addition, Rebecca expertly talks us through why bone marrow donation is so important to the survival of many people. So, no stone is left unturned during this fact-filled, fascinating conversation.

6 Key Points from the interview about Bone Marrow Donation:

1.What is bone marrow?

2.Who needs it and why?

3.The severity of the current situation

4.The process of donating from start to finish

5.Does it hurt?

6.How to register as a bone marrow donor

bone marrow donation, volunteering

Source: Be The Match

It is clear that Rebecca Garber is passionate about encouraging people to join the bone marrow transplantation register and help fight against terrible blood diseases and cancers which cause so many deaths every year.

“Being able to save a life with just a little bit of effort is really amazing. You can provide a cure that a doctor cannot offer. You can be the cure for cancer.”

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