Ocean Clean Up: Interview With Jim Holm

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In this podcast interview, Pawel Alva Nazaruk has Jim Holm here to help people better understand the ocean problem with plastic waste and also talk about how to make the ocean clean and create the Better World.

Jim Holm

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel

So, Who is Jim Holm?

Captain Jim Holm is a retired US Coast Guard, Founder and Executive Director of Clean Oceans International. He has traveled a lot of places over his 35 years of work and has witnessed a slow steady decline in ocean health, which motivates him to take the action of saving the ocean. 

Jim Holm is currently leading the way as he is doing something really cool with plastic waste in relation to technology. He is transforming plastic waste into useable energy such as gas, diesel, and kerosene. 

Plastic waste and other marine debris continue to be a serious issue, but if we start acting now, it can change. We have the power to make choices that can change the course of ocean health. Captain Jim Holm has started the journey, but it is up to us to keep advancing the agenda. This is not only important for the animals, but for us as well. The ocean is the center of life, and in addition to illness, if this problem isn’t addressed the food chain will be disrupted. 

So, Listen to this podcast to find more about how we can help to make the ocean clean again. 

You can also connect with Jim Holm through Social Media. Click the links below to connect with HIM! 

linkedin_logo_initialsLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-holm-11971411

unknownTwitter: https://twitter.com/cleanoceansintl

fb_icon_325x325Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jim.Homer.Holm

His Website: http://cleanoceansinternational.org


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