Podcast: How Forgiveness Can Change The World with Marina Cantacuzino

July 19, 2016

Pawel Alva Nazaruk’s interview with Marina Cantacuzino discussed how the notion of forgiveness is crucial for the health of society, and how her movement – The Forgiveness Project – is helping to make this possible.

Beginning by outlining just what is meant by the complex concept of forgiveness, the podcast then provides an explanation on how you can forgive and also how to distinguish between forgiving yourself and forgiving others.

Who is Marina Cantacuzino?

Marina Cantacuzino was influenced by the Iraq war to start The Forgiveness Project in 2004 as a counter-cultural platform against the aggression which was prevalent at the time.

Cantacuzino served as a freelance journalist between 1990 – 2004 in which she wrote about ordinary people’s struggles and triumphs.

Cantacuzino also pioneered The F Word. This project told the stories of individuals which had their lives shattered by violence but were still learning to forgive and reconcile. Since its launch in 2004, it has been seen in more than 550 venues across 14 different countries to an audience of more than 70,000 people.

Cantacuzino has recently released the book The Forgiveness Project: Stories for a Vengeful Age which looks at stories from both victims and perpetrators of crime and how the protagonist of the story used forgiveness rather than becoming locked into the cycle of conflict which seems to dominate contemporary society.

The Forgiveness Project: Stories for a Vengeful Age was critically well-received and received forewords from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Alexander McCall Smith & endorsements from Jon Snow, Emma Thompson, and many others.

More about The Forgiveness Project

The Forgiveness Project is an award-winning secular organization created by renowned journalist Marina Cantacuzino that curates real stories of forgiveness to help build empathetic awareness of the people around us. It also helps people reconcile with the pain and trauma they are facing in their own lives.

The Forgiveness Project strives to show people that forgiveness is a personal journey that has no set rules or time limits. It is not dependent on faith and it is often as mysterious as love.


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