Food Waste Fiasco: Rob Greenfield

May 30, 2016

Food Waste Fiasco is a catchy buzzword, especially in the United States. People might wonder why wasting food is such a big issue.

Stats shows that in America people generate an estimated 70 billion pounds of food waste each year. According to Rob Greenfield, “we waste enough food to feed an entire American population, around 320 million people.”

Rob is an adventurer and an activist, who biked across America to generate discussions about the way we live our lives, and to motivate each and one of us to start a more conscious way of thinking.

In this interview Rob is explaining us the food waste fiasco, how much perfectly good food we throw away and he also gives us some practical steps how we can reduce our impact.

If you are more of a reader type, you can check out our summary article as well!

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