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In this podcast, Rachel Atcheson explains how the world’s demand for meat is causing animal mistreatment. To supply the 56 billion animals that are consumed each year worldwide, rearing conditions of these livestock are cramped and inhumane.

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Source: The Humane League

Who is Rachel Atcheson?

Rachel Atcheson is an animal rights activist who is changing the world as a Senior Campus Outreach Director for the Humane League. In her role, Rachel oversees 30 college students who act as campus coordinators for the Humane League in universities across the USA. The purpose of Humane League is to advocate for reforms to reduce animal suffering at all levels through hard-hitting animal welfare campaigns.

Rachel’s passion for campaigning for social movements began during her time at Boston University where she obtained a Bachelor degree in Philosophy. Her academic talent and vocal campaigning on campus lead her to be awarded the Peter A. Bertocci Award for Academic Achievement and Humanitarian Service.

The podcast gives examples of pregnant pigs not being able to move at all for up to four months in their tiny cages and chickens having their beaks cut off so they can’t peak other hens in the overcrowded huts they are locked in.

5 Key Points from the Interview about Animal Mistreatment are:

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1. Information about how farm animals are mistreated.

2. Why there is growth in animal mistreatment.

3. Tips on how we can avoid eating meat which has been produced inhumanely.

4. The possibility of lab-grown meat in the future.

5. How the USA is currently winning this problem by reducing meat consumption.

Why you Should Listen to this Episode

Rachel opens our eyes to the fact that many of us simply do not know how our meat is produced. By being educated on the matter, it is likely that we will start questioning our food choices and look for ways we can avoid the mistreatment of animals. Rachel also gives great advice on ways you can help to beat this problem.   

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