Ultimate Value: Better World For Future Generations

This value gives our life meaning. Like every project we do it must impact the world for the better. Feeling that we are changing people’s lives and futures gives us unlimited energy to work. We know that the people who are going to benefit from our hard work and dedication are the future generations to come. We want their lives to be free and beautiful, to be a wonderful adventure and for there to be no need for suffering.

“We do great things, with others who dream. We lead the way, we are the pioneers.”
This part of our Manifesto says a lot about what we believe.

For us Innovation is crucial for making this world a better place. We need to find new ways of doing things. We are the new trendsetters. Our approach is to tweak things, and do them in a fresh way.

Courage gave birth to all big people, events, and changes.
We are courageous in what we do and how we do things.
Without this we would never have achieved what we already have.
Courage is the compass encouraging us to enter the cave we fear to enter, because there lies treasure we seek.

Love is the source.
Source of everything, including our motivation, action, and direction.
Our core values are coming from love to ourselves, to other people,
to the planet and all its resources.
We want technology and progress to lead all of mankind to happiness!
This is how its supposed to be!

In other words unity!
This is what we desire deeply in our hearts!
We believe all humans desire that.
We believe a Better World is a United world.
We are looking for collaboration not competition.
Part of our mission is in Uniting the dreamers but also our governments,
companies and not for profits towards a common goal!

Plans that we made, are for a lifetime.

We believe that only with sticking to it, perseverance,
dedication, and hard work we can achieve great things.

Things that will be a part of history.

We believe in the constant improvement of things, and ourselves.
Inside the team we learn every single day!
This is part of our culture.
We like the philosophy of our Japanese brothers called ‘Kaizen’ constant improvement.

We believe on this earth there is a higher power.
Some people call it the Universe, some people God!
Our CEO Pawel sometimes jokes it is “Uncle Magic”.
We just believe that there is a good force that supports us and good things can happen without our control.
We are open to great things to happen to us in a magical way!