The Future World of Green Living

July 17, 2016

On a personal note, I love writing about things where I can make references to childhood obsessions. Let’s see, I’ve done Back to the FutureFree Willy, and now The Jetsons. That’s right, we’re talking about hope for the future of green living. While it may not look exactly like The Jetsons, it’s still pretty cool. When we think about the future we think about flying cars, spaceships, and cool technology integrated homes, but what about the environment? The environment can be just as breathtaking as the home that adjusts its temperature when you walk in the door. The future of green living has a lot of potentials.  We just have to make it happen.

For our first Inspirational Sunday, I’m going to attempt to blow you away and help you visualize what we should be working towards. The pictures that follow show some of the creativity that’s happening now, as dreamers like you, refuse to be limited by what they see with the naked eye. Let the next few pictures from Inhabitat take you to a utopian place and reignite your imagination. Don’t be limited by what seems feasible, it can happen, it always does. Think about it; we almost have real hoverboards (I must really like Back to the Future) and self-driving cars. Green living doesn’t have to be boring; it can be just as eye-catching as a sci-fi movie.

Humans are a spectacular species and only limited by our imaginations. So many wonderful pieces of architecture and art surround us. This should show that anything is possible if we just commit the time to it. Almost anything life changing was once seen as impossible.

City in the Sky

It seems that humans are destined to go higher. This can be from a spiritual standpoint or sign of success. Look around you; I’m sure you can see some form of a tall building. What if you were to look up and see a city in the sky? How about living in a beautiful garden? In a response to the pollution, misuse of environmental resources, and congestion, FORMAD designed a City in the Sky. It sits above the pollutants we have currently caused, and looks more like a garden. Read more about this City in the Sky here.

Lily Pad Cities

Vincent Callebaut Architectures created this concept, which is an idea to provide shelter for people displaced by global warming. As cool as this looks, let’s not stop the fight against global warming, but rather make this an artistic addition to a greater world. This lilypad city is designed to be a zero emission city (emits no waste that can pollute the city) capable of sheltering 50,000 people. Learn more here.

Flavours Orchard

Local farmer’s markets are becoming more popular, but imagine living in a city and farm at the same time. This way you can get your food fresh with fewer hazardous effects brought about by additives in food. Powered by green energy such as solar and wind, the Flavors Orchard can provide quality living and produce. Read a little more here.

While we don’t know exactly how the human species will evolve, we do know that, unfortunately, some variations of these ideas may need to be put in place if we don’t change our way of living.  We are using environmental resources at an accelerated rate that will lead to big problems in the future. Green living isn’t going anywhere, but we can make better choices today, to make sure that the ideas mentioned are perks and not necessities.

As you can see, dreamers are coming up with ideas right now to address the projected needs of future. What about you, do you have a great out-of-the-box idea to share? It doesn’t have to seem doable now, but what’s something so crazy that it just might work?

To make you more comfortable, I’ll go first. As I’m riding my authentic hoverboard, watching Free Willy, on my way to my Jetsons-inspired home; what if there is an earth vacuum sucking all of the pollutants out of the air, and reintroducing it as clean air? It seems pretty far-fetched but hey, it might work! Now it’s your turn to share your ideas/thoughts below in the comments.


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