Four Amazing Speeches on Helping Others

May 4, 2016

As we’ve already discussedaltruism is a part of our genetics, it’s an “embedded code” that is not easy to suppress.

Yet, many people believe that it’s hard to do something good and instead search for excuses why not to act on helping others.

You don’t have to stop asteroids with one hand or push a nuclear bomb through a black hole to be a world-class hero. Because, in truth, the everyday help that counts the most.

These talks will show you how to find and release your inner hero!

Mark Bezos – Lesson from a firefighter

In this brief talk Mark tells us a funny anti-success story that happened during his work. Though he shares the most influential wisdom with us:

“Not every day is going to offer us a chance to save somebody’s life, but every day offers us an opportunity to affect one.”

Peter Singer on the effective altruism

In his engaging talk Peter Singer, altrusim expert argues that helping othercan be truly effective and explains that even the smallest contribution means the world to people in need.

“Becoming an effective altruist gives you meaning and fulfillment. It enables you to have a solid basis for self-esteem on which you can feel your life was really worth living.”

Matthieu Ricard on how to let altruism be our guide

Matthieu Ricard is not an average person: actually he is living his life as a monk. In his soothing speech he reveals the extraordinary potential for goodness and the power of compassion towards others.

Philip Zimbardo – The two faces of mankind: Evil vs. Angel

Philip Zimbardo is a well-known psychologist, who was leading the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment – so he knows how bad people can be. But in his presentation, he finally concludes that everyone has an inner hero and being good is in our nature as well.

Have we convinced you that you can be a hero as well? 🙂

If so, stay with us and hop on our newsletter to save the world together!


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