Dosomethingfornothing, Happiness is costless

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For the past year, hairdresser Josh Coombes has been giving the streets of London a makeover…for free! Wanting to do more for the homeless than just “give them a bit of loose change”, Josh sought to create situations that provoke empathy and make those less fortunate feel that someone cares. Here began the idea to give free haircuts to people … Read More

Akira Sakano’s 34 ways to create a Zero Waste Home

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Kamikatsu, Japan is the first zero waste city in the world. Akira Sakano is the dreamer responsible for bringing the zero waste city to life and for making the world a better place right now. The zero waste city is built upon 34 principles that puts an end to the generation of waste. If you want to … Read More

Things You Really Need To Know About Bone Marrow Donation

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When thinking about bone marrow donation, many will imagine a complicated and painful experience. The truth is that most of our preconceptions of bone marrow donation are misplaced. Pawel Alva Nazaruk, the CEO at Better World International, reached out to Rebecca Garber who is the National Accounts Representative at Be The Match, the global leading organization of bone marrow transplantation. … Read More

Learn How To Make The World A Better Place by Reducing Meat Consumption

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In this podcast, Rachel Atcheson explains how the world’s demand for meat is causing great suffering to animals. To supply the 56 billion animals which are consumed each year worldwide, rearing conditions of these livestock are cramped and inhumane. Who is Rachel Atcheson? Rachel Atcheson is an animal rights activist who is changing the world as a Senior Campus Outreach … Read More

Live a Zero Waste Life

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Our  podcast with Lauren Singer focuses on tips and tricks that can enable you to live a zero-waste life. To make the world a better place, we need to reduce our waste consumption and recycle as many used goods as we can. If we don’t, we run the risk of running out of space to dump our rubbish and harming … Read More

Global Citizens and their efforts to change the world

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Global Citizen A universal programme that is beating the biggest challenges the world faces today. Utilizing digital channels, Global Citizen has built a community of people who take action on matters and who are committed to social change. Because of the actions of the Global Citizens community, it is believed that extreme poverty can be ended by 2030. 2008 saw … Read More

8 Ordinary People Who Changed The World

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We often think of people who changed the world as those who have (or had) fame, money and influence to help them bring about major changes. For several famous humanitarians, activists and leaders, this was the case. But what about those who didn’t have such tools? What about the ordinary people who have changed the world through selfless good deeds … Read More

Why do we do good deeds?

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Being happy and being kind are two things we often strive to be in life. Sometimes we don’t realise that the two are very closely linked. Doing good deeds can bring untold amounts of happiness; both for the recipient and the benefactor. Nobody loses when it comes to kindness. Few people make the connection between doing good deeds and personal … Read More

Better Place For All Of Us

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Changing the world is a big task and, naturally, you will need convincing about how it is possible. This PDF will show you ten reasons why we at Better World International believe our wonderful planet is becoming a better place.  1. People are naturally good The biological notion of reciprocal altruism shows that it is in our best interests to be … Read More

20 Good Deed Ideas You Can Do Today

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good deed

Everyone wants to do good – whether it’s for ourselves or for family members, friends, the environment, or the whole society at large – because we, as humans, are born with love and care in our hearts. We all have the ability to do some good deeds. A Good deed carries a double punch and they cannot only bring positive … Read More

15 World Changing Speeches of All Time

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Throughout the centuries, great orators have been using speeches to reaffirm beliefs, provoke thought and inspire people. From Jesus Christ to Martin Luther King Jr; from Abraham Lincoln to Franklin D. Roosevelt, we’ve selected 15 speeches that have lifted people from the darkness and shaped the progress of human history. 1. 1775: “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” by … Read More

Top 10 World Changing TED Talks

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ted talks

The TED Talks nonprofit stands for technology, entertainment, and design has hosted thousands of speakers around the world since its foundation on 1984 to share their ideas on education, humanity, marketing, science, etc. The conferences cover all topics you can imagine, and the speakers range from Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to two little Indonesian girls living in … Read More

The Future World of Green Living

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On a personal note, I love writing about things where I can make references to childhood obsessions. Let’s see, I’ve done Back to the Future, Free Willy, and now The Jetsons. That’s right, we’re talking about hope for the future of green living. While it may not look exactly like The Jetsons, it’s still pretty cool. When we think about … Read More