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Statistics suggest that the construction industry accounts for 40% of man-made carbon emissions. With climate change taking it’s toll on the world, governments and companies are acting now to put an end to this damage; turning their attention to the benefits of eco friendly housing. Living in eco friendly housing means we can make the world a better place, as our consumption non-renewable energy will plummet.  

S-Archetype, an Athens based company, have an understanding of modern environmental issues and experiment with sustainable designs that are unique and imaginative.  One creation is the Chamfer home concept.

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The Eco Friendly “Chamfer Home”


Fancy a holiday home on the beach? Or a hideaway in the middle of a forest where you can get escape the stresses of everyday life? Want your mini-haven to be good for the earth too? The Chamfer home is perfect for you.

Able to operate anywhere, these portable homes are ideal for the modern-day nomad with the design catering for a wide range of needs and lifestyles. The style of these homes are very vogue, featuring top-to-toe windows that capture natural light and an open plan living space. All the materials used in the design of these homes are eco friendly and are powered by natural resources.

You’ve probably already fallen in love with your future Chamfer home but unfortunately, these homes have not yet made it to the market and still remain in the concept stage. I’ve contacted S-Archetype to find out their plans to bring this product to life but they have not commented as of yet. I promise to update you should I get a response!

Don’t despair, it’s not all doom and gloom! Check out the top 3 Eco Friendly housing projects below that could be used as cool substitutes for the Chamfer Home.

1) The “Downsized” House

Jay Shafer


Meet Jay Shafer., He’s a regular guy, just like me and you, except he lives in a 100 square foot house all with “micro” necessities including a micro fireplace, micro chairs and a micro-sized loft which is used as a bedroom. Downsizing is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, due to a reduced much less consumption of resources!

Jay’s has built several of these homes through his Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Take a look at his site to see the range of homes on offer, which include moveable trailer homes! What’s great is that these tiny homes can be custom designed by you, adding a personal touch to your mini, sustainable home.

2) The “100% Green House”

100% Green House


Green houses are no longer just for plants. In Playa Carate, Costa Rica, a 100% self-sufficient house converts water from the forest to energy, thanks to the help of hydroelectric turbines. Solar panels on the roof generate electricity whilst solar thermal panels heat the water. Robles Arquitectos, a company focused on using natural resources in a responsible way, are the brains behind this creation. It’s now possible for us to live in homes that can operate without the use of any fossil fuels! Not only can we prolong the health of the planet but energy bills could be a thing of the past, too!

3) The “Paper House”

Universal World House


Gerd Niemoeller is the creator of a $5000, 390 square foot, ‘paper’ home. Made to be a housing solution for those living in third-world countries or for countries hosting refugees long-term, this house comes fully plumbed, with facilities for up to 8 people.

Recycled paper is used to construct the ‘shell’ of the home. The amount of paper being sent to landfill and causing environmental damage is staggering, so this process helps find a use for redundant paper. Due to heat and pressure applied to these houses during the construction phase, they are incredibly stable. No need to worry about these houses blowing away in the wind!

These houses are great for developing countries, with Nigeria and Angola snapping some of these up. However, there is nothing that should prevent these houses popping up in other parts of the world.

So, not all is lost without the Chamfer home being available today. There are plenty of eco friendly housing out there for you to consider in your next move. For more cool, eco friendly houses that you could think about living in, go to the eco-friendly housing site.

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