Keep on Dreaming: A welcome from the Founder

April 6, 2016

Since I was a young boy, I had a strange feeling that I would like to make this world a better place. But while I was growing up, I thought that maybe I was kind of strange, because the rest of humanity didn’t think this way.

So I stopped thinking about it.

This strange feeling remained hidden behind many thoughts, emotions and life goals which seemed to be soooo important.

But soon i started to meet people who shared that same strange feeling. I was shocked, it wasn’t only me… there were more people who really wanted to do something; and they also had this feeling since the very beginning of their human experience.

I began to call those people – dreamers.

“there are some unique individuals, who, somehow, have a mission they can’t explain.”

Now, it might seem strange to you, but I believe that on this earth, there are some unique individuals, who, somehow, have a mission they can’t explain.

They carry a burning desire, that they need to do something in this world! Dreamers are present in every nation.

But many times, they find themselves alone, scorned by people who don’t really care about the world, who tell dreamers it is wishful thinking, and they are too idealistic.

Many times those people kill dreamers ambition, by constantly clipping their wings.

The thing is, It’s not wishful thinking.

Their ambition is real, and there are more of us.

More of us, who believe THE BETTER WORLD IS POSSIBLE.

We believe that DREAMERS NEED TO KEEP TOGETHER. We need to find each other, and create an environment, where other dreamers can spread the wings, and start flying.

“The purpose of this site is to equip dreamers with the knowledge to change the world.”

Dreamers will change the world, but only when we start cooperating with each other.

Our goal, by creating this website, is to gather dreamers from all over the world.

And, to start working on a real plan and actionable steps for how to implement big changes in the world.

We can not just talk. We need to create projects, real life games and initiatives, that will start changing the world, step by step.

Another purpose of this site is to equip dreamers with the knowledge to change the world, through Interviews with experts and thoughts leaders. We will talk to the leaders from a range of disciplines-from ecology to sociology – to explore the best solutions available.

It is the beginning, and I understand that.

But, I received from the universe a wonderful gift to bring people together. It worked very well in the past, so now it is time to use this gift in a really meaningful way- to create community.

A community that will shape the world’s future.

I may be an idealist and dreamer, but I am also down to earth and results oriented. So I guarantee, you will find on this website amazing, useful things for your growth.

More importantly, you will also learn actionable steps so, right now, you can start changing the world!

Around this project, there is gathered an amazing team of great individuals from all over the world. They too believe that a better world is possible and with whom I have the pleasure of creating WORLD CLASS projects for all dreamers.

We are just starting out, but everything that is now big, was once small.

So, I encourage you to stay in touch with us, by joining our newsletter or social media. It will take some time to accelerate, but you can give us boost of right now, by joining. Click here.

Don’t take my words for granted, start learning about us, to see the wonderful job we are doing for the world!

All my best
Pawel and team of the Better World International


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