Artificial Intelligence VS Human Being

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Recently, the battle between Google AlphaGo and Lee Sedol, a professional Go player from South Korea, has again led to a heated discussion with regard to artificial intelligence. Who is the Super Brain? The human, or the machine? Many people have such questions in mind. In my opinion, whether the winner is AlphaGo or Lee Sedol, the ultimate winner is … Read More

New Energy Source – The Super Solar Cells

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My previous article about solar-powered phone chargers touched upon the damaging effects of fossil fuels and highlighted the need to discover eco-friendly, renewable new energy sources. Olga Malinkiewicz, a Polish scientist and founder of SAULE technologies, has contributed to the development of low-temperature, flexible perovskites which can be used to generate solar energy. Olga’s discovery, made at the University of Valencia, … Read More

How Giant Fans are turning harmful CO2 into Useful Fuel

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Carbon dioxide is destroying the planet. Okay, I know that you think I am talking crazy. Carbon dioxide is naturally present in the ecosystem as part of the Earth’s carbon cycle, which can be simplified into two steps: humans and animals breathe in oxygen from the air and breathe out carbon dioxide as a product of cellular respiration. plants take … Read More

Power-On-The-Go: Solar power to keep your phone charged up everywhere

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snow lizard slxtreme

If you’re like me, you must be sick and tired of your phone battery running low when you’re on the move and don’t have instant access to a plug socket. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just charge your phone anywhere without being restricted by the need for a socket? Wouldn’t it be better still if this portable charger … Read More

Roadway for the future – Solar Roadways

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Solar power has truly hit the mainstream – jackets, vehicles, electronics, etc., everything can be solar powered. So how about roads? What if we can use the space to generate electricity to reduce the use of fossil fuels? Isn’t it a perfect combination? Indeed, solar panel road is no longer a concept now – the idea has already been realized … Read More

Planning on going to Mars? Here’s how a leaf can help you breathe.

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bio leaf

Atmospheric pollution is a growing problem. As carbon dioxide emissions rise the need for better quality oxygen grows. Many of us have seen the harrowing pictures in China of people forced to wear facemasks due to the smog being too toxic to inhale. As the average person’s carbon footprint is increasing, it is likely the West will face the same … Read More

Greased Lightning? This new Porsche is electric!

Liam BywaterBlog, Innovation

Ferdinand Porsche founded his famous car company in 1948. Porsche, even if he did not realise it at the time, was a pioneer of sustainable development by creating the first electric car in 1898 when he was 22 years old! Car manufacturer Porsche have now returned back to their roots and recently confirmed production of the anticipated  Mission E car … Read More

Hot day? Low battery? No plug? You need a Solar Sunflower Charger!

Pawel Alva NazarukBlog, Innovation

We’ve all been there. Hot day. Soaking up the sunshine whilst browsing through a delightful ebook sipping a soothingly cold glass of champagne. Perfection. Then it hits you. Hard. You only have 3% battery left on your mobile. Usually, the solution is to either do without your mobile (unlikely) or just accept defeat and go back inside. No more! The … Read More

How The Tesla Battery May Save Our Planet

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Every year, millions upon millions of carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases are released into our Earth’s atmosphere, intensifying the effects of global warming. In a 2015 International Energy Agency report, research suggests that the world has, overall, made little progress in the reduction of fossil fuel reliance.  In over 40 years (1971-2013), there has only been a 4% … Read More

Top 3 Sustainable Homes that are changing the world now

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Statistics suggest that the construction industry accounts for 40% of man-made carbon emissions. With climate change taking it’s toll on the world, governments and companies are acting now to put an end to this damage; turning their attention to the benefits of eco friendly housing. Living in eco friendly housing means we can make the world a better place, as … Read More

Ever wanted to get more usage out of your carpet? Add Solar Panels to it!

Liam BywaterInnovation

John Hingley has developed a carpet which produces enough electricity to power phones, cameras and even computers! The best part of this solar panel carpet innovation, however, is the fact that it uses what is arguably the most sustainable energy source we have: the Sun! Who is John Hingley? John Hingley graduated from Cambridge University with a bachelor’s degree and … Read More

How We Can Prevent a Global Water Crisis with Ken Surritte

Liam BywaterInnovation

Pawel Alva Nazaruk interviewed Ken Surritte of WATERisLIFE. They discussed the possibility of a clean glass of water becoming a luxury item in a hundred years from now as water shortages cause havoc worldwide. However, it is not all doom and gloom. On this article, we will take a look at how Ken Surritte is fighting the global water crisis, … Read More

Top 10 Best Buildings in World Architecture Festival 2016

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Best Buildings-Butterfly-Pavilion

The World Architecture Festival has revealed the shortlist for the best buildings awards. As the world’s largest architectural awards program, the shortlist features 343 projects from 58 countries across 32 categories – from Messner Mountain Museum Corones in Italy to the BBVA Bancomer headquarters in Mexico City, the nominees includes completed and future projects from every corner of the world. … Read More

Smarter Cities by IBM: The Road to Sustainable Societies

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ibm smart ideas

For most of a decade, IBM has been using intelligent and innovative technology to pursue their dreams of a better, smarter world. As a leading technology and consulting firm, IBM aims to channel ‘computation power’ to provide the technological building blocks for a new, sustainable planet. The Smarter Cities campaign is a stand-out example of their many initiatives to bring about social, … Read More

Colombian “LEGOLAND” For the Homeless?

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Do you remember building houses out of Lego when you were a child and thinking how cool it would be to live in a home made of plastic? Well, thanks to 34-year-old entrepreneur Oscar Mendez, now you can! Oscar’s genius idea is to convert plastic waste into housing in a bid to tackle both environmental concerns AND the homeless. Who … Read More

Solar Impulse: The End of Jet Fuel Pollution?

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With the recent success of Solar Impulse, it is vital that we take heed of this example. We should start using methods of sustainable air travel, and develop innovative ways in which humans can travel through the air without damaging the atmosphere. This article will show you how to travel in an environmentally-friendly way, and hopefully, inspire innovative projects like … Read More

Start-ups that make siginificant social impact

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When we hear the term start-up nowadays we think of very successful businesses that we can’t live without. Most of the businesses are social media sites that leave us wondering how we ever got along without them. Start-ups are also believed to garner unknown financial riches, as investors are known to pump a great deal of money into the perceived … Read More

The Future of Transportation Isn’t a Flying Car

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future transportation

Thinking about the future of transportation may automatically get you thinking about futuristic cars. You may see images of flying vehicles or pretend that you are in “Back to the Future”. Who could blame you after all that’s what most movies and TV shows have conditioned us to expect? However while we are waiting on flying or self-driving cars to … Read More