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As much as some may hate to admit it, fashion plays a vital role in our lives. Depending on the person, we may only wear name brand clothing or accessories. Some may desire to be a bit more discreet with their fashion choices, and some simply wear products for function. Somewhere in the middle of these two worlds is a balance. In this space, some consumers would rather look good while still giving back. This is where Joan Hornig actively fills this void. Joan Hornig Jewelry supplies customers with quality jewelry, and 100% of the profits goes to a charity the consumer chooses. This combination of fashion and philanthropy isn’t just for the average consumer, as celebrities wear these products as well. Stars such as Kerry Washington, Paula Patton, Selena Gomez, and Jessica Alba have been spotted wearing Joan Hornig Jewelry.

Kerry Washington, Joan Hornig Jewelry, how to change the world


Joan Hornig is much more than a designer; she’s a social entrepreneur and philanthropist among many other great things. She has also been recognized at various galas such as the FIT Foundation Annual Awards Gala. Joan is an amazing person with a giving heart as evidenced by her work.

Joan Hornig, how to change the world


Prior to her work with her jewelry company, Joan spent 20 years on Wall Street in which she was very successful. After her time on Wall Street, she realized her calling was to give back. Her idea wasn’t simply to start a charity, but rather create products that aren’t only fashionable, but a reminder to all that wear them, that they have helped make a change.

Joan is a native Ohioan, who isn’t afraid to take chances. This was shown as she left the familiar confines of the midwest, after high school, to continue her studies on the east coast at Harvard. Joan’s story is truly one of humble beginnings and inspiration, as initially her husband and her lived in the Harvard undergrad dorms as proctors. Originally interested in the arts, life would take her a different route into the world of Wall Street. Joan’s determination and work ethic would lead her to a very successful career.

Despite Joan having an outstanding career she desired more. Often times some of the best ideas or epiphanies come during lunch hour. This is exactly what happened during many of Joan’s lunch walks. She not only discovered the Diamond District, but jewelry making as well. Seeing so many working together to make beautiful art, her passion for the arts was rekindled, and planted the idea that she could also make beautiful jewelry.

She decided to take this interest further and sell high-end jewelry to some of the affluent people she had met. She noticed that although most of these people considered themselves charitable or philanthropic, the extent of their kindness was often giving money. Joan had a different idea to enhance her efforts towards philanthropy. She wanted to provide something to her friends for the money that they were donating anyway. That something would be her jewelry, in which 100% of the proceeds would go to a charity of their choice.
Her entry into jewelry making also took her around the world. This was due to being exposed to different types of stones and metals etc. from other jewelers. Read more about Joan on Dan’s Papers where Joan Hornig was interviewed, which provided much of the information for this article. Joan Hornig Jewelry is a huge success; as according to Forbes she has donated to more than 900 causes. Her contributions have addressed important issues such as education, women’s rights, environmental protection, animal rights and the arts. Forbes also shared that her work has become so desired and prestigious, first ladies such as Laura Bush and Michelle Obama have given her jewelry as gifts. Joan is also very passionate about women’s rights, and while providing advice to women during Forbes’ Mentoring Moments, she shared that women, and anyone for that matter, shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.

Joan Hornig Jewelry, how to change the world


Joan Hornig is a very driven woman who sincerely wants to help make the world better. As I researched Joan, I didn’t come away thinking that she is only doing this for vanity reasons. Instead, I feel she has found her passion and it is art and philanthropy. She is an inspiration, as she has created a life she desires and is improving the world. She is doing great things right now, and is guided by mantras such as “Philanthropy Begins at Home” and “Philanthropy at Work” as she expressed to the New York Times.

If you are in the market for some great jewelry, and want to give back as well, visit Joan’s website here, and find something that fits your style. You’ll feel great wearing it as you know you are looking good and giving back.

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