Who is Pawel Nazaruk and why does he want to change the world?

December 22, 2016

Pawel Nazaruk is the CEO and Founder of Better World International which brings us The Good Game and 5 Pieces of advice. Have you ever wondered how Pawel ended up where he is today? Allow me to take you through his journey.

Pawel Nazaruk’s Early Years

Pawel was born in Biala Podlaska, a small town in Eastern Poland. He was the third child out of 3. With his mother working as a nurse and his father a carpenter, the Nazaruk’s lived a modest life.

Whilst growing up, Pawel had a strong relationship with his extended family and recalls how his Grandmother played a huge role in shaping his destiny. As a devout Catholic, his Grandmother would fill Pawel full of stories about Saints and how these Saints sacrificed their own lives for the benefit of others. Although not aware at the time, he looks back on this time as the idea of doing good being instilled into him.

Another great influence in Pawel’s younger life was his older brother. When Pawel was 11, his brother studied away at university and would often send Pawel postcards featuring inspiring messages.  The one postcard that really stands out contained the message “You are created to do something big”. Pawel looked at this on numerous occasions and felt that he was destined to do something unique with his life, at this time he was not aware what that thing would be, but it was a powerful feeling he carried…

Pawel’s teenage years were challenging. Although he was excelling at school and was captain of the school basketball team, Pawel went through some troubling times that saw him getting into fights with other children and having a difficult relationship with his mother.

Entering Adulthood

When Pawel was 16, the Nazaruk family entered tough times with Pawel’s father entering bankruptcy. Whilst most people at this age were still at school with no sense of urgency to grow up, Pawel found himself needing to find ways to earn money so he could support himself and his family. He had a friend in who was selling full-caps in Warsaw with no online presence. So he took photos of the caps and uploaded them on eBay at a markup which generated a sufficient level of income.

With an entrepreneurial mindset already showing, Pawel’s next step in his career began when he could not find a part for his broken motorbike. When he finally found the part in a store in his university town, he realised that there must be other people with the same problem he had. Pawel took photos of the motorbike parts and began selling them on eBay. Before long, Pawel was selling so many bike and scooter parts that he owned the third biggest selling company in Poland.

Although his company was hugely successful, Pawel was working many hours, and wanted to find a way to earn money without sacrificing so much time. Pawel intensely studied the art of investing and began converting his own money into deals. In a long journey spanning over 3 years, Pawel’s returns grew and at his peak he was earning around $20,000 per month for only a few hours work a week. In the eyes of all young men, Pawel was living the dream, he could buy anything want, lived in a city centre flat and travelled the world.

One evening, after a seminar he held, Pawel felt really unhappy. He began to question what was the actual point in his life, there had to be more meaning than to simply earn money and spend it. He began to realise he no longer had a desire to travel, he wasn’t interested in buying yet another new car and his huge apartment felt somewhat empty and pointless. Pawel became depressed, he felt lost and that he was lacking real purpose.

Pawel Nazaruk, dreamers

So off he went on a spiritual journey to find his destiny. Pawel took off to Thailand and sent messages to his friends to notify them he was on a journey and would not be returning anytime soon. From there, he went to America and met with spiritual teachers including Wayne W. Dyer, Marianna Williamson, Michael Beckwith and Joel Osteen With the hope of finding some meaning in his life. During this time, Pawel wrote his best-selling book “Investment Awakening”

During a flight to the Bahamas, Pawel was engaged in conversation with an elderly man. He asked this man if he could give 5 pieces of advice from his entire life. The elderly man told Pawel that his biggest regret in life was not spending more time with his parents. He was always “too busy” and then one day had the dreaded call from a policeman who notified the man that his parents had been killed in a car accident.

And so Better World began 

Pawel was inspired. This is when Pawel knew he was going to make this world better.

He began to develop a better relationship with his parents.  He also realised how powerful learning from other people’s mistakes could be. And so, the “5 pieces of advice” project was created to give everyone the chance to learn from collective wisdom and to avoid repeating errors made by generations gone. Pawel began touring America gathering wisdom videos and spreading these messages across the globe.

When Pawel met fellow Idealist Dorota, as two minds are greater than one, he and Dorota brainstormed on how they could develop the Better World brand. This saw the creation of the idea for the “Good Cards” and the “Good Game”. The Real life game, that will inspire people all over the world do good deeds that work towards “collective goals”. This exciting real life game is set to launch second part of 2017 at Better World International is confident this will unite those who want to change the world!

You can check out more info here: www.thegoodcards.com


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