Collective Goal #2: Restore the Faith in Humanity by Doing One Million Anonymous Good Deeds!

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What is this goal about?

After achieving Collective Goal #1 you are ready to start changing the world. When you decided to do something meaningful for yourself, the time for you to do the same for another began. However, this good deed you’re about to do will be done anonymously.

Why do we have this goal?

To change the world, two major things need to happen:

  1. We need to change how we treat and think about other human beings.
  2. We need to change how we use the resources of our planet Earth (we will get to that later).

A lot of people think this world will never change. I don’t blame them. They only see fear and horror on their TVs and on the press. A lot of people around the world were treated poorly by other humans and they stopped believing that this world will ever change.

Humans passed on what they received. When we see people who do harm to other humans it is most likely someone did harm to them.

But what would happen if they receive good things?

Anonymous good deeds are the first step to restoring faith in humanity. Imagine that one million people receive an anonymous good deed. Imagine that someone bought you a coffee; or sent an anonymous package with great things inside; or someone gave you something valuable for free that you needed; or helped you to get promoted at work and you had no idea who they were.

How would you feel?

Would you feel that this world is a nicer place? Would that make you think that maybe the world is changing and humans are starting to help each other? Would you feel encouraged to tell other people to do something good as well?

We as humans have a natural instinct to take care of others. It is time to activate our innate kindness.

We know humans pass forward what they receive. They will pass on good and kindness if they receive it which will hopefully start a chain reaction – all because of your good deed.

However, someone needs to start raising awareness. This is why we need dreamers. They will make the first step into changing the world. Dreamers, like yourself, have the potential to spark the biggest changes and make the world a better place.

How do I contribute? You have a few choices:

1. Pay for someone’s coffee.

Enter the coffee shop, choose a person inside, come to the cashier and say that you would like to pay for this person’s coffee. Pay and leave. Simple. Make sure to snap a picture when you’ve finished!

3. Send an anonymous package.

Put together a unique care package. Fill it with your favorite little things. Get creative! Include coffee beans from your favorite local shop, those candies you love to nibble on or maybe a postcard from your hometown – make it impossible for them NOT to smile.

Put the package together, open yellow pages, select a random person and send the package to them!

4. Others.

Get creative and propose your anonymous good deed in comments below!

We want to hear your AWESOME story!


  1. Take a photo, a short little video or write some text about your experience and who you enjoyed it with.
  2. Share your story below in the comments, upload the picture or paste the video link.
  3. After that, your action will be added to our big counter above!


You Have 30 Days to Complete This Mission.
Starting NOW.

Things that do not count:

  1. It cannot be something small such as opening doors for someone or another act of kindness which we should do every day anyway.
  2. It needs to be something bigger and more meaningful – something great which requires effort from you!

If you want to take it further and inspire, anonymously, other people all over the world then check out our awesome project – The Good Cards. There you can track the impact your good deed had and observe how lives are changing across the world because of you!


We are waiting to hear your story!

Have fun doing this mission. Talk to you soon, Dreamer.

Pawel Alva Nazaruk
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