Collective Goal #1: One Million People Took Care of One Important Person! Curious Who?

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What is this goal all about?

We thought long and hard about what would be the best goal to start with. We realized that everybody is forgetting about this one truly important person. Honestly, we cannot move forward until we take care of that person.

This person is you.

Yeah, you heard me right.


We cannot move forward until you take care of yourself; until you do something BIG and life changing for yourself.

This is our first goal!

Why do we have this goal?

Here’s the deal. The world won’t change without more love and compassion. Everybody knows that. This is actually the first step towards changing the world. We need to change how we think and how we treat other human beings. We need to start supporting each other more and treat ourselves as a one.


When you look at why there isn’t much love right now, you will find out that one of the biggest problems we’re facing is a lack of love towards ourselves.

If people don’t love and accept themselves, how are we then supposed to expect them to love, accept, and help other people?  How are we going to expect them to do something for others if they put themselves last? They will never have time to treat themselves because there is always something “more important” that needs to be done. Many times they have a dream in which they promise themselves that they will start to pursue their dream some day, and live unhappily in the present moments.

Depression is a major issue. The Richest has pointed out that the most depressed country in the world is America. Although, of course, being depressed doesn’t necessarily mean a person is self-loathing or has low self-esteem. However, teaching a person to love themselves through whichever of the plethora of options contemporary psychological research offers can be a significant driving force in reducing depression – and in making the world a better place. If someone feels happy internally, they are more likely to project this externally making others around them happier as a result.

Why are we lacking self-love?

Society does very little to teach people the importance of accepting oneself. In a world where we are constantly pushed to be like someone else through advertisements, it’s easy to feel inadequate with yourself after a single commercial break on your favorite television show – and that’s exactly what these companies want!

Of course, there are exceptions. However, the majority of people don’t even love, they hate themselves. If we want to start talking about changing the world, we need to start changing it for us. In a different way. We need to express love, compassion and do something big towards ourselves.

This is our first mission.

How do I contribute?

So maybe there is that one girl you’ve known for years who you are afraid to ask out. Or that job that you can’t find the confidence to apply to, yet dream about working at. Even that project you’ve been dying to start, but haven’t found the motivation to get going. Or maybe this one thing that you told yourself that you are too small to do. These are the kind of things you need to start doing now!

Go do something special for yourself this month. Even if they don’t respond, or you don’t achieve a particular result. At least you tried and you did it for yourself. At least you put yourself first because you know that this is what’s best for you.

If you take action, and accomplish one of these things, you will transform your heart. It will make you feel like you can achieve anything, and it will motivate you to change the lives of thousands.

Shoot for the stars, pursue your wildest dreams and take a risk like never before.

It’s your time.

We want to hear your AWESOME story!


  1. Take a photo, a short little video, or write some text about your experience and who you enjoyed it with.
  2. Share your story below in the comments, upload the picture or paste the video link.
  3. Only then, your action will be added to our big counter above!


Maximum one month since the moment you have viewed this message.

Things that do not count:

  1. It cannot be something small. Buying yourself a beer or some food  is not what we want.
  2. It cannot be something that you can just easily get.
  3. We do not encourage food, shopping and things similar to it.
  4. It needs to be something bigger, more meaningful – something great like conquering your fears.

If you want to take it further and inspire, anonymously, other people all over the world, check out our awesome project – The Good Cards. There you can track the impact you had, and observe how lives are changing across the globe!

Enjoy! Waiting to hear your story!

Pawel Alva Nazaruk
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Pawel Alva Nazaruk
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