Zero Waste Life: Interview with Lauren Singer

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In this podcast, Pawel chats with Lauren Singer, New York’s greenest lady who is living a zero waste life.

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Lauren is a popular blogger, running her own Trash is for Tossers site that gives viewers insight and tips on how they can live a waste-free life. In 4 years, Lauren has produced trash to fill only one single mason jar.

As well as maintaining her online presence, Lauren is the CEO of The Simply Co: an innovative company which is manufacturing toxic free and sustainable cleaning supplies.

3 Key Points from the Interview about Zero Waste Life:

1. Why Lauren decided to start living a zero-waste life

   2. Why we need to move towards living zero-waste lives

  3. Top ways you can begin living a zero-waste life today

Why you Should Listen to this Episode

This episode shows you how you can make a difference to the environment in your everyday life; no matter where you live. If Lauren can commit to living a zero-waste life in a city as disposable as New York, then so can you!

You can also connect with Lauren Singer through Social Media. Click the links below to connect with HER! 




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