Hot day? Low battery? No plug? You need a Solar Sunflower Charger!

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We’ve all been there. Hot day. Soaking up the sunshine whilst browsing through a delightful ebook sipping a soothingly cold glass of champagne. Perfection. Then it hits you. Hard. You only have 3% battery left on your mobile. Usually, the solution is to either do without your mobile (unlikely) or just accept defeat and go back inside. No more! The Solar Sunflower charger by XD-Design is solar powered and can charge your phone without you having to move an inch!

How does it work?

This solar powered mobile phone charger works similarly to a flower pot. It stores energy provided by the sun and then uses it to charge your mobile phone in an eco-friendly way.

Rosa Parks

The Sunflower is equipped with a 2.500 mAh rechargeable battery. This is enough to charge a mobile phone twice!

Two LED indicators communicate to the user. A green LED indicates that the Sunflower is charging–it takes approximately 25 hours for a full battery. A white LED means the Sunflower is being charged through a USB cable.

The ability to charge the Sunflower through USB as well as from solar energy is useful if you need the product to charge quicker; though it is preferable that you use the solar charging option.

My product review about a solar panel carpet being developed by Renovagen or Solar Panel Jackets by Tommy Hilfiger and article about Solar Impulse both show why it is crucial sustainable energy methods are adopted.

At the price of €60, this solar battery charger will make a good companion this summer. XD-Design have a great product idea and offer gift box wrapping–so if you have birthdays coming up for someone passionate about the environment you know what to buy! No more tripping over wires. Solar Sunflower will give you peace of mind.

Click here to buy Solar Sunflower.    

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