Power-On-The-Go: Solar power to keep your phone charged up everywhere

February 7, 2017
snow lizard slxtreme

If you’re like me, you must be sick and tired of your phone battery running low when you’re on the move and don’t have instant access to a plug socket. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just charge your phone anywhere without being restricted by the need for a socket? Wouldn’t it be better still if this portable charger could also help save the planet? Well then, let me introduce you to the world of solar phone chargers!

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The great news is that it’s no longer just people like me and you who are doing our bit to make the world a better place; companies are also getting a “green conscience” and starting to play their part by designing sustainable products. One of these great sustainable products is the portable, solar powered phone charger!

Fossil fuels – Out! Solar Power – In!

Take a look around your house and ask yourself: how many devices do you have on charge at one time? Odds are, there will always be at least one. We drain electricity charging devices in our tech-obsessed society. I am sure you will have heard of the negative impact that electricity (coming from fossils fuels) has on the environment; for example, air pollution, damage to land and degradation of the environment. Another downside to all this electricity usage is that rising electricity bills are leaving holes in our wallets.

It’s time to step away from fossil fuels and move towards renewable energy resources. What better renewable source is there than the sun? It’s a permanent fixture meaning we don’t have to worry about it dying out (well, not for at least 5 billion years!). However, in a few years fossil fuels will be all used up. Another perk is that the sun is completely free to all!

Let’s take a look at just a few of the solar powered phone chargers currently out there. Solar chargers come in a wide range of sizes, colours and prices so you will be able to find the perfect solar charger for you!

Budget charges:

Solar Energy 2600mAh Mobile Power Supply

Take a look at the  Solar Energy 2600mAh Mobile Power Supply; a portable, solar charger allowing you to charge your phone on the move. Choose from colours Black, white or blue. This is a steal at only $10.99.

Mobile Solar Chargers

Named as “The Independent’s” best buy, the Mobile Solar Charger is another on-the-go charger. Some solar chargers come in a bulky design which may not be practicable to carry around, but not this one! It comes in a useful pocket-size and when fully charged can store enough power for up to three phone charges. Buy now for $32.76.

Mid-range chargers:

WakaWaka Power+ Yellow

This next charger has got to be my favourite. The Waka-waka Power+ is a compact solar charger, capable of charging almost any phone or small electronic device within just a few hours. Not only that, but this charger can double up to provide up to 150 hours of safe, sustainable light. What really makes this product stand out is that for every WakaWaka sold, the company allows you to send a free WakaWaka to someone living through a humanitarian crisis who can then tap into the power of the sun for light and power! Get this product now for $79.00.

Snow Lizard SLXTREME

A great one for the more active person; the SLXtreme case combines rugged protection, waterproof protection, an integrated battery to recharge your phone and a solar panel to keep the case battery charged upOnly available for iPhones, this is ideal for those who love the outdoors or work in harsh, demanding environments.  Think this is the best product for you? Add this to your basket now for $99.99.



Pipe dumping sludge, better world


Okay, so this last product is not a portable charger and can only be used inside, (ideally placed close to a window to capture the most energy) but I think it’s worth a mention because of the awesome design. If you are searching for a unique and quirky item to jazz up your home then the Electree is a must for you. 27 solar panels are installed at the tip of the branches which capture solar energy in its 2 500 mAh battery. Unfortunately, this item is no longer available to purchase as new, but keep an eye out on sites like Ebay to snap up a second-hand one.

And there you have it, 5 energy efficient chargers that run on solar power; handy for you and great for the environment!

Want to guarantee you can always get hold of your friends? Make sure they get their portable chargers too, so they never lose charge on their phone. Do this now by sharing this article!

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