How Quality Can Inspire Action; Chilliprinting and The Good Game

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Chilliprinting has come a long way since our early days. We’ve been around for over 25 years and we know it’s because we’ve always set our sights on delivering the highest quality in the market. With a strong focus on quality we’ve been able to help clients reach their goals whether it be through poster printing, flyers, letterhead and more. Though we have grown and our portfolio has expanded, our vision remains fixed on the horizon of delivering the highest quality print products to any customer, large or small.

Why do we do it?

With everything that we do at Chilliprinting, one concept drives us; quality. Quality is what we were founded on and what we continue to strive for every day. Quality poster prints can make the difference in bringing more customers to your event or making a good first impression with your business card. Fueling everything we do at Chilliprinting, lies our belief that we are helping businesses improve and meet the needs of their consumers. The trendy restaurant in Soho, the new gym chain opening across the state, and the small business owner trying to make a name for himself in the community. Every project we deliver will never sacrifice quality. We believe in quality and maintaining and raising our standards day after day is what creates loyal customers.

How we guarantee quality

By making quality our focus, we’ve been able to deviate from the norm and create our own standardized printing processes that ensures the highest quality prints for every type of print media. We saw how traditionally companies sacrifice some of the quality to keep their prices competitive and we figured out a way to create the highest quality prints more efficiently through innovative printing techniques and technology.

One of the ways we’ve standardized our workflows is through constant quality checks and by calibrating colors frequently to maintain exact color matches. This eliminates the time needed in between prints to set each color for each job and eliminates the need to “color wash” the machines between jobs. Something as simple as this saves hours of work and resources and lets us pass our cost savings down to our customers.

To be precise, we are able to print five times as many sheets per hour compared to other printers. If you’re curious and want to learn more about the Chilliprinting process, be sure to check out How Chilliprinting Delivers High-Quality Poster Printing At Such Low Prices.

What does Chilliprinting do?

Chilliprinting is best known for our high-quality, low cost poster printing among other print media. Brochures, sticker, calendars, letterhead, business cards, catalogs, and flyers are also part of the wide portfolio that we offer to customers. Print media will always be an essential to any size company to help people remember you and the quality of that media can give a lasting impression.

Have you ever seen a poster on the street with very vivid colors and a great design? Or received a new business card that left a great impression on you? Print media has the power to physically connect with customers and creating quality media says something to the consumer about your business. We’ve been able to standardize quality through our 25 years of expertise and we can’t tell you how many customers ask us how we are able to keep our prices so low while still being the best quality available. When you make quality your mission, you find ways to reduce costs in other parts of production and you’d be surprised how inexpensive great quality posters, brochures, or business cards can be.

Poster printing is still a key

Placing such an emphasis on quality, Chilliprinting has been able create a vast machine park that standardizes quality while keeping our prices incredibly competitive. Customers are able to print custom posters in quantities ranging from 10 to 20,000 on five different paper stocks. Printing has become more accessible to the public recently but not all printing in the market is inexpensive while maintaining high quality. We believe our drive for quality has allowed us to be the exception.

Even as digital marketing has exploded over the recent years, businesses will always need print media to effectively market to consumers. Large and small businesses alike looking to improve their digital footprint are using print media to drive brand awareness and find new customers. The way that your business’s poster looks and the impression that it gives has an impact on whether a potential customer will choose your business over the competition. A poster that is too pixelated or full of smudges from the printer can have a negative effect on customers what customers think about your company, believe it or not.

Posters always attract attention so don’t let it be for the wrong reasons. Companies are starting to use the potential of posters to even create a feeling of anticipation from consumers. If you are always hanging up new eye-catching posters around the city, people will notice. Especially if your posters always have a promotion, customers will anticipate and look forward to seeing your familiar logo in any new poster they see around the city. Try it out. We’ve seen some really creative campaigns over the years and poster printing is still one of the most effective ways to bring in customers.

The Good Game has created an app called The Good Game. An app that incentivizes and tracks good deeds by individuals. Remember how a famous app last summer took the world by storm and had friends playing together? Well, The Good Game incentivizes its users to come together to do good in the real world for others. Users are able to track their positive actions and how they’ve helped create more positive results around the entire globe. Have you ever been inspired to help someone through remembering a time that you were being helped by someone else? That help you received has inspired you to do good and chances are that the help you are giving will flower into further positive actions for other people. Something simple like helping someone carry groceries in Chicago can turn into someone sharing a meal with a stranger in Rome. The Good Game is a fun way to track good in the world and how it spreads its roots.

This app isn’t just for people in their personal lives. The Good Game is working with companies, not just consumers, to create more good in the world because 8 in 10 consumers consider CSR when deciding what to buy or where to shop. With a way to track positive actions, companies are able to show how their actions have created good around the world and consumers are able to see which companies are actively doing good things every day.

Chilliprinting and The Good Game

A lot of people, whether employees or customers have helped us on our mission for quality through the years. When The Good Game approached us and explained their company we thought it was a no brainer. The app is a great way to create tangible, positive actions in the world and helping their company succeed can only bring more good deeds to others. Chilliprinting is helping The Good Game meet their print media needs so that they can inspire more good in the world. Posters are still one of the most powerful ways to market anything and you can even track the ROI of posters and print media today. Right now The Good Game is launching in Los Angeles, so you might see some new catchy posters if you’re in the area. In the next months they’ll be moving around the country so keep an eye out for free events and promotions. Check out The Good Game at for more information on how you can play. Now, get out there and inspire others to do good!

Corey Harnish

Corey is the CEO of Better Word International, leading the development of The Good Cards which is an innovative online-gaming platform and app that engages people worldwide in doing good deeds for happiness and global sustainability. As an active life coach and aspiring social justice activist, Corey empowers individuals and communities and helps them to flourish through personal development coaching and community service involvement.