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My previous article about solar-powered phone chargers touched upon the damaging effects of fossil fuels and highlighted the need to discover eco-friendly, renewable new energy sources.

Olga Malinkiewicz, a Polish scientist and founder of SAULE technologies, has contributed to the development of low-temperature, flexible perovskites which can be used to generate solar energy. Olga’s discovery, made at the University of Valencia, has the potential to transform the energy sector for good.

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“Malinkiewicz has developed a new technology that could spark a social revolution in renewable energies” – MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35


I know you are probably thinking what the heck is a perovskite? Don’t worry, me too! If your brain can handle it, check out this paper that gives a detailed explanation of what perovskites are.

If you, like me, aren’t a chemistry boffin, then all you need to know is that in this instance, a perovskite refers to a synthetic material that has a particular crystal structure. These perovskites are ultra-thin layers of material that are super absorbent of light which can be converted to used as solar energy. They are cheap to produce, easy to manufacture, and, what’s more, is that at the end of their life-cycle, these products disintegrate, so they have no negative impact on the environment.

To sum up, Perovskites = cheap, harmless and readily available new energy!

new energy, make a change


This is what the future world of Perovskite energy could look like:

  • perovskites could be applied to entire buildings so that roofs, windows and walls could generate electricity.
  • we could all start carrying several items integrated with perovskites. One example is a perovskite-coated tablet screen which would look exactly like today’s screens but have one added bonus: it can charge itself.
  • during long trips, even those to the middle of nowhere, we will no longer rely on batteries to generate power.

 The possibilities are endless!

“Malinkiewicz wants to see the day when anyone will be able to purchase half of one square meter of perovskite sheet, stick it to the living room window, and connect a cable to start obtaining cheap and clean energy without installation costs. After a few years, it would simply disintegrate without generating non-recyclable residues.” – SAULE Technologies

SAULE Technologies

SAULE Technologies is leading in the production and development of solar perovskites. Olga is responsible for the scientific research and development at SAULE Technologies, with business leaders Piotr Krych and Artur Kupczunas ensure the enterprise’s smooth running and commercial success. Strong business foundations and allowing Olga to focus solely on her research are the most promising way of getting Perovskite energy out to the masses!

new energy, make a change


When will I be using perovskites??

This technology is still in the design stage with patent applications being worked on. 2016 has seen the first working prototype of this new energy being designed which can power devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Although this technology is not available right now, it should, fingers crossed, only be a matter of time before it come to the market. Good things come to those who wait…

I hope this article has opened your eyes to another way the world is becoming better by eco-friendly development. If you wish to keep up-to-date with the progress of perovskite energy, keep an eye on the SAULE technology news section.

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