Planning on going to Mars? Here’s how a leaf can help you breathe.

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Atmospheric pollution is a growing problem. As carbon dioxide emissions rise the need for better quality oxygen grows. Many of us have seen the harrowing pictures in China of people forced to wear facemasks due to the smog being too toxic to inhale. As the average person’s carbon footprint is increasing, it is likely the West will face the same issues too.

Any six year old will be able to tell you that plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Simple, right? That’s the beauty of it! This bio-leaf innovation by Julian Melchiorri has a premise so simple it is genius!

Who is Julian Melchiorri?

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Julian Melchiorri is a design-engineer, biotechnologist and entrepreneur based in London.

Melchiorri has designed products for Italian lighting company Catellani & Smith and for London high-tech collective Random International.   

A double masters in science and art ran jointly by Imperial College and Royal College of Art in London subsequently cultivated his interests in synthetic biology–leading to the development of his now internationally recognised bio-leaf.

 How does the bio-leaf work?

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The bio-leaf consists of chloroplasts suspended in a body of silk protein. This enables the plant to photosynthesise without requiring pesky land, water, soil and gravity plants on Earth tend to require.

Not only is this revolutionary for space travel, it also has uses on Earth as it can provide good quality air to people that live in polluted countries such as China.

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Unfortunately, the bio-leaf is still a concept. I know you were looking forward to buying one, fellow Dreamer–the Better World International team were too!

However, all is not lost! The product is still in development and will hopefully be released in the not too distant future.

Melchiorri’s website will provide you with the latest updates on bio-leaf.

If you want to speed up the development process then please share this article and spread the word about bio-leaf! More anticipation for Melchiorri’s bio-leaf will encourage progress. For other new developments, check our newest real life game

Katt Gu

M.S of Natural Resource and Environmental Science/J.D Candidate at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.