‘Cowspiracy’ – shocking impact of Animal Agriculture!

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‘Cowspiracy’ is arguably one of the most important documentaries you will ever watch. Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn’s feature-length masterpiece is an absolute must-see, not only for those who consider themselves environmental activists, but for everyone. This well-structured, highly informative eye-opener aims to educate us on the devastating environmental consequences of humans’ insatiable hunger for meat and dairy products. The shocking impact of animal agriculture is one of the best-kept sustainability secrets of the world today.

The question on everyone’s mind: ‘Why are the world’s leading environmental organizations refusing to address this problem?’

Before reviewing ‘Cowspiracy’, I was under the impression that the leading cause of the global environmental crisis was greenhouse gas emissions (in particular, CO2) from the transportation and energy industries. While these are major contributors, Kip Anderson’s shocking revelations informed me that animal agriculture is by far the most destructive industry that operates on our planet. This includes the raising of animals such as cows, pigs and chickens to meet the phenomenal meat and dairy demand worldwide.

The documentary is packed with well-researched facts and statistics that support the ‘cowspiracy’ theory. It provides astonishing information about how animal agriculture is, in no uncertain terms, the leading cause of greenhouse emissions(methane and CO2), deforestation, water consumption, ocean ‘dead zones’, habitat loss and species extinction. There doesn’t seem to be an environmental concern that is not, somehow, connected with animal agriculture:

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I truly believed – much like Kip did before his mammoth discovery – that the only ways I could personally help combat environmental issues were by recycling and consuming less water and energy. Whilst this would certainly help, the uncomfortable truth is that our planet is dying because we’re in the dark about the impact of our eating habits. I certainly never knew that for every hamburger I ate, I was costing the planet 660 gallons of water. That’s the same as two months of showering!

‘Cowspiracy’ is also a visual sensation. Dotted with infographics, the documentary allows us to see with our own eyes the direct impact of animal agriculture (it even touches on over-fishing), instead of listening to an hour and a half-worth of ‘preachy’ speeches. It features a series of great interviews, too. We follow Kip Anderson as he talks to a diverse scope of individuals and organizations about the issue, desperately trying to get solid answers as to why environmental organizations fail to recognize the main cause of climate change of animal agriculture, and to find out the full extent of damage caused by the animal agricultural industry.


I stared silently at the screen as the credits rolled; an unpleasant wave of denial, confusion and guilt hitting me. As an avid meat and cheese lover, was I part of the reason the earth was being destroyed? Going vegan is a huge lifestyle change, but could I do it if I knew it could practically reverse the environmental crisis? Soon I felt nothing less than empowered by the realization that the key to saving the world is in our hands. It’s simple and costs nothing. Not to mention, it’s great for our health! By stopping, or at least drastically cutting down, our meat and dairy intake, we’d see a drastic and rapid improvement in the environment – roughly 20 years faster than improvements caused by sustainably energy and CO2 reduction. We’d also save around $18 trillion over that 20 year period.


If you fancy watching something utterly life-changing, I urge you view ‘Cowspiracy’! It could be the most significant hour and a half of your life. Currently available to stream on Netflix, it couldn’t be easier. Once you’re finished watching, come back and click this link for more details on how you can take action, right now! If you’re left wanting more, our hero Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘A new cut of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret’ is also available to view exclusively on Netflix.


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