A Millennial’s Battle With Launching a Tech Not-For-Profit

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A not-for-profit professional’s top four operational challenges “Don’t tell us all the ways this might not work. Tell us all the ways it could work.” – John Wood, Founder of Room to Read. If you asked me two years ago if I’d be the CEO of Better World International, the answer would have been no. So why am I still … Read More

Attention, attention! Youth across the globe are mobilizing to create social impact!

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Youth are making a difference and creating REAL impact on solving the world’s biggest problems. Read here about this motivating movement of youth changemakers Okay, so listen to this. There are 3,029,576,521 young people in the world today. 3,029,576,521 young people who want to make a difference. Driven to make a change. Passionate about doing good. What’s incredible is that … Read More

Games are Changing our Lives… for Good!

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How playing games can actually improve your life, leave you feeling better than ever, and create a social impact     Are you someone who is skeptical about games? Do you believe that they are bad for our youth or  can cause social issues among people? You’re not alone. This debate over whether or not games negatively affect us has … Read More

You’re Telling Me Technology is Used for Good? You’re Crazy

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A look inside a technology revolution that’s more about making a difference than just being the next billion dollar evaluation   A shift to a more responsible world. A world where it’s more than just profits. Where companies are purpose-driven and leverage their influence for good. Would you think I’m crazy? Or could you believe it? Well you should, because it’s happening right now. Meet … Read More

Kindness: A Peek Inside the Power of this Simple Action

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A casual exploration of what kindness actually is, and how you can easily use it to improve your own life and the lives of others.     Do you want to be happy? Yes, right? Do you want others to be happy? Probably yes too, right? Do others want you to be happy? … A little hesitation on that one, … Read More

What if we used cutting edge technology for social impact?

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A glance at how blockchain could help the not-for-profit sector create greater impact. Have you ever heard of “blockchain?” Maybe you’ve heard of its most famous application bitcoin? Regardless, this technology is already being used to create real social impact. There’s this exciting movement going on known as “Blockchain for Humanity” or “Blockchain for Social Impact.” Communities of amazing people, … Read More

How to find your inner Change-Maker: Story of Dorota

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Shri Lanka volunteer

“LIFE is about the PEOPLE you meet and the RELATIONSHIPS and EXPERIENCES YOU CREATE with them.” Dorota Sobieszczuk fights daily for a better world. An entrepreneur, she co-founded The Good Cards – a real life game for individuals and organizations to achieve collective goals that can help create a better world. Dorota lives in Bali now and her mission daily … Read More

Last Gasp Kickstarter Alert!

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  Kickstarter Alert: So far The Good Cards has reached its goal and raised $11,354, but in order to put it on the next level we need more funding! That is why we have prepared something special for you: access the app to take the first challenge of Kindness: self-love mission using unique QR code on the picture! Support us: … Read More

#GoodDeedStory1: The Good Cards

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  #GoodDeedStory1 This is the beginning of an authentic series of wonderful stories of good. Everyday, we will be sharing amazing, real life stories straight from The Good Cards app. Today’s story is about how one family was kind enough to save a cat, take a look.  http://


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HEY EVERYONE, Check out our new funny video about #TheGoodCards   HERE IS THE LINK TO OUR VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUf2ig7jUIY&feature=youtu.be let us know what do you think  #happinessinyourhands #spreadthekindness#spreadthelove Check our campaign here —http://buff.ly/2tPvTP2    

We’re live

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We’re live! The waiting is over! We are live on #Kickstarter A Fun, New #PayItForward Game has arrived! Check it out: https://goo.gl/lb3jEF Kindness Gamified! #SpreadTheLove #TheGoodCards #HappinessInYourHands #Bekind #Spreadkindness

#TheGoodCards Kickstarter launch,we go live at 1.00pm EST.

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#TheGoodCards Kickstarter #launch tomorrow! Mark your calendars, we go live at 1.00pm EST. Be sure to check back when we’re live and accepting pledges. #Happinessinyourhands #Bekind #spreadhappiness #spreadlove#spreadkindness #countdown

Our Kickstarter launch going live in just 2days!

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#TheGoodCards #Kickstarterlaunch is going live in just 2 days! Be sure to check back when we’re live and accepting pledges Need more details- -→Subscribe to our ?mailing list www.thegoodcards.com #Happinessinyourhands

Employee Program With Puppy Love Party ??

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The fun an engaging pilot employee program with Puppy Love Party ??! If you also want to make the world a little kinder✨ , grab your own cards on Kickstarter this 15 June 2017 #Happinessinyourhands #bekind #spreadkindness #spreadlove   Check out: http://www.thegoodcards.com

Join the Movement!!–? 15June 2017

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?Remember !! 15 June 2017. The Good Cards will kick off the Kickstarter! Start doing kindness with us ✨ Join the Movement!!–? You still have a chance for limited offers and early bird alerts → www.thegoodcards.com <– subscribe here! #3daystogo #kickstarterlaunch #kickstarter #spreadkindness#spreadlove #Happinessinyourhands

4 Days to go!! The Good Cards

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  The countdown is on⏳ Only 4 more days till you can pre-order your very own #thegoodcardsand cool wearables. Signup: www.thegoodcards.com Support us on Kickstarter✔️ Grab your own cards on Kickstarter this 15 June 2017!

Who wants to make the world a little kinder?

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  Who wants to make the world? a little kinder? Join us & bring change with #thegoodcards Grab your own cards on Kickstarter this 15June2017✨ Check out: http://www.thegoodcards.com #kickstarterlaunch #happinessinyourhands #spreadkindness#spreadlove #kickstarter #countdown

?Happy World Oceans Day ?

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  ?Happy World Oceans Day ?! Make a Promise to Save Oceans?. #Happinessinyourhands  #thegoodcards ✨ #payitforward#WorldOceansDay Check out: www.thegoodcards.com

7 Days to go ⏳! The Good Cards

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  The countdown is on⏳! Only 7 more days till you can pre-order ?your very own #thegoodcards and cool wearables? Steepest discounts are offered in limited quantities so mark your calendar and order right away✨ Order today: www.thegoodcards.com #HappinessInYourHands #Kickstarter #countdown #spreadkindness#spreadhappiness #7daystogo