Philanthrophy is Jewelry with Joan Hornig

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As much as some may hate to admit it, fashion plays a vital role in our lives. Depending on the person, we may only wear name brand clothing or accessories. Some may desire to be a bit more discreet with their fashion choices, and some simply wear products for function. Somewhere in the middle of these two worlds is a … Read More

Can Tommy Hilfiger Make Solar Power Jackets a Thing?

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solar panel jackets

As a huge fan of hip-hop, there are a few essential things that are held near and dear to the culture. One is the music (Emcee, DJing) and another is style (graffiti, break dancing and now fashion). Today I’m going to focus on the fashion, particularly from one of the great designers, someone who revolutionized fashion in the 90s, and … Read More

Dignity, Health & Coffee – Learn about “Land of a Thousand Hills”

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Coffee Addiction Coffee is addictive and fuels the lives of many people. If you are a coffee person, often you can’t even start your day until you’ve had a cup or two. Howard Schultz and Starbucks took the coffee craze to another level. Coffee was no longer the pot you brewed at home and gulped down before work. They transformed … Read More

“Fed Up”: This Film Will Change the Way You Eat… For Good!

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Image via "Fed Up" Facebook Page

Fed Up is a documentary that works to unveil the growing issues of obesity, particularly in children. Rich with interviews, insights, and tons of new information this film is definitely worth your time. This is a very good documentary that forces us to take a sobering look at obesity and its causes. Although the focus is on childhood obesity, the … Read More

GoSun Grill, the ECO-Friendly BBQ

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Summer is here, and that means it’s time for the Bar-B-Ques and cookouts to commence. It’s a time to enjoy the weather, friends, and family. Many people will say the best part of this season is the food. Unfortunately, despite our wishes, food doesn’t cook itself. Most people who BBQ, will pull out the grills, fire them up, and cook … Read More

The Future World of Green Living

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On a personal note, I love writing about things where I can make references to childhood obsessions. Let’s see, I’ve done Back to the Future, Free Willy, and now The Jetsons. That’s right, we’re talking about hope for the future of green living. While it may not look exactly like The Jetsons, it’s still pretty cool. When we think about … Read More

Plastic Waste, Disney and Jim Holm

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plastic waste

I have a unique connection with the ocean. No, I’m not an amazing swimmer but some of my favorite animals tend to be underwater creatures. I’m also not ashamed to say that Free Willy is one of the greatest movie franchises ever. Like most sequels, they should’ve stopped after the 2nd, although the 3rd was bearable. I recently found out … Read More

Water Is Life: An Interview with Ken Surritte on Water Scarcity

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Water is one of the basic necessities of our life. We use it almost unknowingly and this can lead to significant waste and water scarcity. Our food, beverages, and basic hygienic needs revolve around water. As much as developed countries rely on water, other countries rely on it just as much. However, the major difference is that one part of … Read More

Start-ups that make siginificant social impact

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When we hear the term start-up nowadays we think of very successful businesses that we can’t live without. Most of the businesses are social media sites that leave us wondering how we ever got along without them. Start-ups are also believed to garner unknown financial riches, as investors are known to pump a great deal of money into the perceived … Read More

Shop for Need Instead of Greed

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Shopping – don’t we all just love it? If we do an inventory of all the clothing we posses or the products in our houses, we’ll find items we can’t live without, products that served us for some period of time, and items we’ve never ever used. Consumerism is trending these days, which makes impulse buying as easy as clicking a … Read More

Blood Donation – It’s Not As Bad As It Sounds

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Wait, so you’re telling me that in order to help people I have to get stuck by a needle? I’m going to be honest I have never given blood mainly because of the things I hear from people who did. I know it’s a great thing to do but it seems pretty intense. The dizziness, fatigue and rules about what … Read More

The Future of Transportation Isn’t a Flying Car

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future transportation

Thinking about the future of transportation may automatically get you thinking about futuristic cars. You may see images of flying vehicles or pretend that you are in “Back to the Future”. Who could blame you after all that’s what most movies and TV shows have conditioned us to expect? However while we are waiting on flying or self-driving cars to … Read More

How to Support Your Community in 7 Ways

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Do you care about your community? Being an active member of the community will give you tremendous psychological benefits. Involvement will help you feel a part of something bigger – feeling a part of a real team, and by leaving your mark to help make a better world you will feel like a superhero. We are social beings and all we want is … Read More