Food Matters: Education not medication!

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“When people take vitamins, the vitamins don’t specifically do it. They enable the body to do it, they enable the body to heal itself. This is a totally different way of looking at it.” – Dr Andrew Saul Husband and wife duo, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, have brought a life-changing documentary to our screens. The feature-length program focuses … Read More

How Ellen DeGeneres is Making the World a Better Place

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Ellen DeGeneres has been conquering the hearts of millions with a loveable mix of humor and compassion. Many will know her as host of the wildly successful The Ellen Show which entertains us throughout the week with star-studded interviews, games and competitions. The show has seen the likes of Michelle Obama, George Clooney, Zac Efron and Adele! Others will recognize … Read More

Things You Really Need To Know About Bone Marrow Donation

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When thinking about bone marrow donation, many will imagine a complicated and painful experience. The truth is that most of our preconceptions of bone marrow donation are misplaced. Pawel Alva Nazaruk, the CEO at Better World International, reached out to Rebecca Garber who is the National Accounts Representative at Be The Match, the global leading organization of bone marrow transplantation. … Read More

Why do we do good deeds?

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Being happy and being kind are two things we often strive to be in life. Sometimes we don’t realise that the two are very closely linked. Doing good deeds can bring untold amounts of happiness; both for the recipient and the benefactor. Nobody loses when it comes to kindness. Few people make the connection between doing good deeds and personal … Read More

How The Tesla Battery May Save Our Planet

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Every year, millions upon millions of carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases are released into our Earth’s atmosphere, intensifying the effects of global warming. In a 2015 International Energy Agency report, research suggests that the world has, overall, made little progress in the reduction of fossil fuel reliance.  In over 40 years (1971-2013), there has only been a 4% … Read More

Iran takes a stand against Animal Abuse, bans all Circus Animal Acts

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Circus entertainers have been performing to audiences around the world for many centuries. The origins can be traced back as early as Ancient Rome! They were used to showcase horses and stage chariot races or gladiator battles. We’ve all seen that gruesome scene from Gladiator where Russell Crowe spars with a group of tigers as well as an undefeated gladiator … Read More

4 Major Ways That Leonardo DiCaprio is Changing the World

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Superhero Leonardo DiCaprio is a dreamy movie star by day and loveable philanthropist by night. Could there be a more perfect human on the planet? The most recent news surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio is the historic and ground-breaking contribution of $15.6 million that he’s granted to an array of worthy humanitarian and environmental causes. It’s big money, but it’s just the … Read More

‘Cowspiracy’ – shocking impact of Animal Agriculture!

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‘Cowspiracy’ is arguably one of the most important documentaries you will ever watch. Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn’s feature-length masterpiece is an absolute must-see, not only for those who consider themselves environmental activists, but for everyone. This well-structured, highly informative eye-opener aims to educate us on the devastating environmental consequences of humans’ insatiable hunger for meat and dairy products. The … Read More

Morocco Bans Plastic Bags to Combat Plastic Waste Pollution

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On July 1st, Morocco passed a law to completely ban the nationwide production, sale, and distribution of plastic bags. It is part of the country’s heroic efforts to promote sustainability and become one of the world’s ‘green leaders’ as an environmentally friendly nation. A little about Morocco… Situated in North West Africa, Morocco is known to many of us as … Read More

Smarter Cities by IBM: The Road to Sustainable Societies

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For most of a decade, IBM has been using intelligent and innovative technology to pursue their dreams of a better, smarter world. As a leading technology and consulting firm, IBM aims to channel ‘computation power’ to provide the technological building blocks for a new, sustainable planet. The Smarter Cities campaign is a stand-out example of their many initiatives to bring about social, … Read More

Savana Solar Panel Charging Table by Nature Power

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Let’s imagine for a minute that you’re relaxing in a lovely garden. You have a chilled drink in hand, the sun is glorious and your favorite tunes are on repeat. Perfect. Now, imagine that you’re deep into the second chorus of Hotel California when your phone battery dies unceremoniously, cutting off Glenn Frey’s cool, mellow tones. You have to get … Read More

How to Survive a Real Life “San Andreas” Movie Earthquake

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Earthquakes happen everywhere, every day, all over the planet. They are usually so minor that you can’t even register them, but sometimes they’re a true force to be reckoned with and leave nothing but deadly destruction in their shaky wake. We’re here to offer some potentially life-saving tips to help you keep a steady head if disaster strikes. What’s going on? … Read More