Iran takes a stand against Animal Abuse, bans all Circus Animal Acts

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Circus entertainers have been performing to audiences around the world for many centuries. The origins can be traced back as early as Ancient Rome! They were used to showcase horses and stage chariot races or gladiator battles. We’ve all seen that gruesome scene from Gladiator where Russell Crowe spars with a group of tigers as well as an undefeated gladiator … Read More

“Trashed”: Do you Know where your Garbage Ends up?

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Directed by Candida Brady and starring Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons, Trashed depicts a vivid picture of the truth of our current consumption-centered, throwaway culture. Through interviews with scientists, researchers, politicians and local communities, the documentary reveals the appalling consequences  the way in which we dispose of garbage has on nature and human society – including groundwater and land pollution, … Read More

4 Major Ways That Leonardo DiCaprio is Changing the World

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Superhero Leonardo DiCaprio is a dreamy movie star by day and loveable philanthropist by night. Could there be a more perfect human on the planet? The most recent news surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio is the historic and ground-breaking contribution of $15.6 million that he’s granted to an array of worthy humanitarian and environmental causes. It’s big money, but it’s just the … Read More

Try New Ways of Cooking with GoSun Stove: An Interview with Patrick Sherwin

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GoSun Stove

As the whole world are taking steps to build a sustainable future, solar power, a major player in the renewable energy portfolio, is getting into every aspect of our lives – solar panels, solar cars, solar watches… Now, you can even make meals only with sunlight, with the practical, highly efficient solar cooker, GoSun Stove, thanks to its inventor, Patrick … Read More

“Before I die…”: The Inspirational Wall that gives Hope to all

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Too often our lives are jaded by stress, despair, and hopelessness. The demands of life weigh heavily on us, and it’s all too easy (sometimes even necessary) to put aside our dreams and aspirations.  After a while, we can lose sight of them altogether. Then, when we go through the many troughs of life, such as grief or depression, the … Read More

‘Cowspiracy’ – shocking impact of Animal Agriculture!

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‘Cowspiracy’ is arguably one of the most important documentaries you will ever watch. Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn’s feature-length masterpiece is an absolute must-see, not only for those who consider themselves environmental activists, but for everyone. This well-structured, highly informative eye-opener aims to educate us on the devastating environmental consequences of humans’ insatiable hunger for meat and dairy products. The … Read More

15 World Changing Speeches of All Time

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Throughout the centuries, great orators have been using speeches to reaffirm beliefs, provoke thought and inspire people. From Jesus Christ to Martin Luther King Jr; from Abraham Lincoln to Franklin D. Roosevelt, we’ve selected 15 speeches that have lifted people from the darkness and shaped the progress of human history. 1. 1775: “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” by … Read More

Can Tommy Hilfiger Make Solar Power Jackets a Thing?

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solar panel jackets

As a huge fan of hip-hop, there are a few essential things that are held near and dear to the culture. One is the music (Emcee, DJing) and another is style (graffiti, break dancing and now fashion). Today I’m going to focus on the fashion, particularly from one of the great designers, someone who revolutionized fashion in the 90s, and … Read More

Dignity, Health & Coffee – Learn about “Land of a Thousand Hills”

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Coffee Addiction Coffee is addictive and fuels the lives of many people. If you are a coffee person, often you can’t even start your day until you’ve had a cup or two. Howard Schultz and Starbucks took the coffee craze to another level. Coffee was no longer the pot you brewed at home and gulped down before work. They transformed … Read More

Top Solar Phone Chargers to Keep your Phone Powered Up Everywhere

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solar phone charger

If you’re like me, you must be sick and tired of your phone battery running low when you’re on the move and don’t have instant access to a plug socket. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just charge your phone anywhere without being restricted by the need for a socket? Wouldn’t it be better still if this portable charger … Read More

Stand with Malala Yousafzai: The Young Girl Fighting for Education

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Yes, I have spoken about Malala Yousafzai in my article on women who are changing the world. But, seeing as she is the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize winner, I feel that she deserves a whole article to herself! The man behind Malala Malala’s story begins with her father, Ziadduin Yousafzai, who was an educator in Pakistan. Ziadduin explained in his TED … Read More

Top 10 Best Buildings in World Architecture Festival 2016

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Best Buildings-Butterfly-Pavilion

The World Architecture Festival has revealed the shortlist for the best buildings awards. As the world’s largest architectural awards program, the shortlist features 343 projects from 58 countries across 32 categories – from Messner Mountain Museum Corones in Italy to the BBVA Bancomer headquarters in Mexico City, the nominees includes completed and future projects from every corner of the world. … Read More

Morocco Bans Plastic Bags to Combat Plastic Waste Pollution

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plastic bags

On July 1st, Morocco passed a law to completely ban the nationwide production, sale, and distribution of plastic bags. It is part of the country’s heroic efforts to promote sustainability and become one of the world’s ‘green leaders’ as an environmentally friendly nation. A little about Morocco… Situated in North West Africa, Morocco is known to many of us as … Read More

Bye Bye Plastic Bags: The Movement that’s Making the World Plastic Free

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bye bye plstic bags TED Talk

Melati and Isabel Wijsen are two sisters who grew up on the beautiful green island of Bali. They’ve seen first hand the damage being caused to their island from excessive plastic waste, much of this being from plastic bags. I’ve touched upon why plastic is bad for the environment in my “Colombian “LEGOLAND” For the Homeless?” article which you can … Read More

Smarter Cities by IBM: The Road to Sustainable Societies

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ibm smart ideas

For most of a decade, IBM has been using intelligent and innovative technology to pursue their dreams of a better, smarter world. As a leading technology and consulting firm, IBM aims to channel ‘computation power’ to provide the technological building blocks for a new, sustainable planet. The Smarter Cities campaign is a stand-out example of their many initiatives to bring about social, … Read More

California Hits New Record in Solar Power Production (Again!)

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solar power

As a national leader on renewable energy, California has created a new history in the use of solar power, thanks to the triple-digit heat wave in the last few weeks – according to the calculation by San Francisco Chronicle, the Golden State’s solar power plants generated enough electricity for more than 6 million homes on July 12th, 2016. The figures … Read More

Savana Solar Panel Charging Table by Nature Power

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Let’s imagine for a minute that you’re relaxing in a lovely garden. You have a chilled drink in hand, the sun is glorious and your favorite tunes are on repeat. Perfect. Now, imagine that you’re deep into the second chorus of Hotel California when your phone battery dies unceremoniously, cutting off Glenn Frey’s cool, mellow tones. You have to get … Read More

Top 10 World Changing TED Talks

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ted talks

The TED Talks nonprofit stands for technology, entertainment, and design has hosted thousands of speakers around the world since its foundation on 1984 to share their ideas on education, humanity, marketing, science, etc. The conferences cover all topics you can imagine, and the speakers range from Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to two little Indonesian girls living in … Read More