How serious is climate change? Interview with Andrew Weaver

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Our today’s guest is Andrew Weaver, a Canadian climate scientist and the leader of the Green Party of British Columbia. As the lead author in the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel  on Climate Change 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th scientific assessments, Andrew will talk about the challenges of climate change faced by current society and how the community as a whole can … Read More

10 Gift Ideas for the Holidays that are both Chic and Eco-friendly

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Nowadays, people around the world are talking about ‘going green’ constantly, and most are willing to and striving to be more environmentally conscious through an eco-friendly lifestyle choice. However, when it comes to your green-minded family members, friends, and co-workers what should be the best gift for them on their birthday, at Christmas and other holidays? Eco-friendly gift ideas may … Read More

Planning on going to Mars? Here’s how a leaf can help you breathe.

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bio leaf

Atmospheric pollution is a growing problem. As carbon dioxide emissions rise the need for better quality oxygen grows. Many of us have seen the harrowing pictures in China of people forced to wear facemasks due to the smog being too toxic to inhale. As the average person’s carbon footprint is increasing, it is likely the West will face the same … Read More

Things You Really Need To Know About Bone Marrow Donation

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When thinking about bone marrow donation, many will imagine a complicated and painful experience. The truth is that most of our preconceptions of bone marrow donation are misplaced. Pawel Alva Nazaruk, the CEO at Better World International, reached out to Rebecca Garber who is the National Accounts Representative at Be The Match, the global leading organization of bone marrow transplantation. … Read More

Learn How To Make The World A Better Place by Reducing Meat Consumption

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In this podcast, Rachel Atcheson explains how the world’s demand for meat is causing great suffering to animals. To supply the 56 billion animals which are consumed each year worldwide, rearing conditions of these livestock are cramped and inhumane. Who is Rachel Atcheson? Rachel Atcheson is an animal rights activist who is changing the world as a Senior Campus Outreach … Read More

Mosevic makes Fashionable Eyewear using Recycled Textiles

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Ray-Bans are so last season! When shopping for your next pair of shades, how about choosing from Mosevic’s “solid” sunglasses range? Handmade in the UK from recycled textiles, these sunglasses are uniquely stylish and environmentally friendly. Mosevic gathers denim from unsold jeans, used jeans and waste material from denim production. This denim is then converted into tailor-made sunglasses. Top features … Read More

Live a Zero Waste Life

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Our  podcast with Lauren Singer focuses on tips and tricks that can enable you to live a zero-waste life. To make the world a better place, we need to reduce our waste consumption and recycle as many used goods as we can. If we don’t, we run the risk of running out of space to dump our rubbish and harming … Read More

Eat Our Way Out of Plastic Problem with Bakey’s Edible Spoons

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The plastic waste is filing our land and contaminating earth – In the U.S., 40 billions of plastic utensils are thrown away after single use each year. As most plastic utensils are non-biodegradable and non-recyclable, it means that the plastic forks, knives or spoons that are usually seen in takeout food or office parties can sit in the landfill fore … Read More

Global Citizens and their efforts to change the world

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Global Citizen A universal programme that is beating the biggest challenges the world faces today. Utilizing digital channels, Global Citizen has built a community of people who take action on matters and who are committed to social change. Because of the actions of the Global Citizens community, it is believed that extreme poverty can be ended by 2030. 2008 saw … Read More

Toxic Substance Control Act Reform: What You Need to Know About Chemical Control

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After years of debate and negotiation, President Obama signed into law the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act (The Lautenberg Act) on June 22, 2016, which marks the first comprehensive update to the Toxic Substance Control Act since the Congress enacted the law in 1976. As the governing chemical management law in the U.S., the TSCA … Read More

Philanthrophy is Jewelry with Joan Hornig

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As much as some may hate to admit it, fashion plays a vital role in our lives. Depending on the person, we may only wear name brand clothing or accessories. Some may desire to be a bit more discreet with their fashion choices, and some simply wear products for function. Somewhere in the middle of these two worlds is a … Read More

Girls can Code – Giving disadvantaged women career opportunities

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Girls can code

Girls can code Program, a new initiative launched April this year, is teaching young women the skills needed to pave a successful career in coding. As a market once dominated by geeky guys, this programme is giving women the opportunity to break into the technological world. Statistics in the US suggest that less than 25% of STEM jobs (STEM stands … Read More

Why do we do good deeds?

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Being happy and being kind are two things we often strive to be in life. Sometimes we don’t realise that the two are very closely linked. Doing good deeds can bring untold amounts of happiness; both for the recipient and the benefactor. Nobody loses when it comes to kindness. Few people make the connection between doing good deeds and personal … Read More

How The Tesla Battery May Save Our Planet

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Every year, millions upon millions of carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases are released into our Earth’s atmosphere, intensifying the effects of global warming. In a 2015 International Energy Agency report, research suggests that the world has, overall, made little progress in the reduction of fossil fuel reliance.  In over 40 years (1971-2013), there has only been a 4% … Read More

20 Good Deed Ideas You Can Do Today

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good deed

Everyone wants to do good – whether it’s for ourselves or for family members, friends, the environment, or the whole society at large – because we, as humans, are born with love and care in our hearts. We all have the ability to do some good deeds. A Good deed carries a double punch and they cannot only bring positive … Read More

Top 3 Sustainable Homes that are changing the world now

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Statistics suggest that the construction industry accounts for 40% of man-made carbon emissions. With climate change taking it’s toll on the world, governments and companies are acting now to put an end to this damage; turning their attention to the benefits of eco friendly housing. Living in eco friendly housing means we can make the world a better place, as … Read More